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Can Faith Make a Comeback?

CristinaDear Friends,


My daughter Cristina, a college senior, is spending the summer doing mission work. Not in Africa or the Caribbean, mind you . . . but in England! She is working at a school run by Catholics and Anglicans where religion class is required. The problem is not only that most people don’t go to Church in Europe, but that a large percentage of teens claim to be atheist or agnostic.

They say they’ve never heard good reasons to believe or seen examples of how faith in Christ makes any real difference in everyday life.


That’s where Cristina comes in.. The teachers pull the most turned-off kids out of religion class and hand them over to Cristina for one-on-one attention. The results, in only a few weeks, have been striking. One of the teachers after noticing a remarkable change in a student’s attitude, took Cristina aside and said “what did you do?” It wasn’t a matter of rocket scienceafter listening to the child’s experience of religion with empathy, Cristina just joyfully and confidently shared what the Lord had done in her life. Some of these kids had never heard the likes of that before.


New EvangelizationThis is what the New Evangelization is about. And this is what Crossroads is about. Since 1981 we’ve been not only deepening the lives of committed Christians through our ministry (that’s important) but also reaching out to those with little faith or no faith, especially the young. We’ve done that through live events, radio, TV, music, social media, and the web. And we want to expand that work. One thing we’d like to do is make exuberant, believable testimony from young people like Cristina available for kids around the world to watch as videos on their smart phones.


But we have a problem: the operating bank balance for Crossroads in close to zero right now. Over the past year, we’ve done more than ever in terms of live appearances for adults and teens, radio, TV, and teaching on social media and the worldwide web. We “earned more of our keep” than ever before, generating about 75% of our operating revenue through live events, book sales, and pilgrimages.


But summer always brings a lull in the action, causing a drop in income. And donations were down drastically this year, probably because we spent more time promoting God’s World than begging for support. We now need to let people know of our urgent need and ask for help.


I understand your dilemma. There are so many good causes. We are all rightly moved by images of needy children or people fleeing from war. It is so much harder to recognize the spiritual tragedy of people, especially kids, starving for the Word of God.


CristinaThere are a few things you should know. The day-to-day work we do on TV, radio, social media and the web is all provided as a free service. Neither the ministry nor I receive any compensation for it. Many of the Crossroads team carry out this work as volunteers, including myself. Our office space is donated, thanks to a generous businessman. We keep expenses as low as we possibly can.. But internet and phone service, computers, dedicated servers, technical support and professional help from administrative assistants, graphic artists, web designers, accountants and audio-video producers all cost money.


We need about $15,000 now to keep sowing the Word of God through the rest of the summer and to take the next step toward the redesign of our website.. If you’ve been blest in some way by this ministry, please consider helping us to pass that blessing along to others.


You can help us financially in one of two ways:

1) Make a one-time contribution now – some may be in a position to step forward with a contribution of $500, $1000 or more. Others may be able to give only a few dollars. It all adds up and every contribution, regardless of amount, is a great encouragement to us.


2) Pledge to give Monthly– we need 70 more people to pledge a dollar a day for the gospel ($30 per month). This would stabilize the ministry and allow us to plan for the future.


You can donate right here online by credit card or paypal, by mail at PO BOX 271227, Flower Mound, Texas 75027, or by phone at 214.882.7262. Your gift is fully tax-deductible in the USA.


However you feel called to help, your help will be greatly appreciated and will produce much fruit!


Yours in His service,

Marcellino D’Ambrosio

President of Crossroads Productions

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