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Jeff Cavins Great Adventure Bible Timeline Testimonials

Testimonials about

The Great Adventure Catholic

Bible Study Program

by Jeff Cavins


Read these inspiring testimonials from people who have experienced The Great Adventure Bible Study program:

“I absolutely loved the talks! I think the best way to sum them up is “life-changing.” The seminar just really opened up the Scriptures. I want to go home and delve into this. I would highly recommend it!”

-Paul Fisher, St. Anne’s Parish, Phoenixville, PA

“As a Catholic, the Bible was always a mystery to me. This seminar really connected it for me. I can’t wait to go home and study it! I want to enrich my life and share it with the people I love.”

-Maria Fisher, St. Anne’s Parish, Phoenixville, PA


“Jeff has an amazing gift for explaining and making sense of the Scriptures.”

-Robyn Raffi, Our Lady of the Assumption Parish, Strafford, PA


“The brief overview was great in detail and it covered the entire Bible. I now have a better picture of Bible history. I would most definitely recommend it, in a heartbeat!”

-Annon Badami, St. Catherine of Sienna Parish, Horsham, PA

“This helped my faith tremendously. The seminar put it in perspective, in light of not only everyday spiritual things but historical phenomenon as well. I have a better grounding of why I believe what I believe and how to use it in my life.”

-Denise Saynell, Huntington Valley, PA

“The Great Adventure gave me a great understanding of the Bible. As a matter of fact, I have read the Bible several times, and I have never gotten what I got out of it today. It was marvelous

-Paul Molansen, Cathedral Parish, Baltimore, MD


“It filled in so many of the blanks. Even though I have been teaching the Bible for the past eight years, I would highly recommend the seminar to any parish. Jeff Cavins is wonderful

-P.J. Rand, 6th grade CCD Teacher, St. Isaac Jogues Parish, Wayne, PA

“It was awesome, spectacular! Jeff made it is so simple, direct, to the point, puts you on fire and hungry for more! Absolutely, I would recommend it! I would even love to invite the speakers out to teach the high school kids. Jeff Cavins puts the Scriptures all together for you! This timeline makes it so simple and clear to be Catholic."

-Joe Aquilante, St. Isaac Jogues Parish
Teacher, Bishop Shanahan High School


“The Great Adventure seminar provided a deeper level of understanding for me and an opportunity to think forward in terms of evangelization, which I am involved in. I think it was outstanding, Jeff really blew me away. It was a marvelous revelation. . . . .Yes, it helped me understand the Bible more – it is a wonderful approach. I would recommend it to everyone. It was great!

-parishioner, St. Issac Jogues Parish, Wayne, PA

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