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Kudos - What People are Saying!

Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio - Free Lenten Resources!What People are Saying about Dr. D'Ambrosio

and Crossroads Initiative


Your Website is such a blessing to me as my formation continues to progress.

Thank you

Linda K., NJ


Thank you for your excellent website!  I teach theology at Mount Carmel High School in Chicago.  There are numerous articles on your website that I would like to print and photocopy for my students to read.   I typically teach 100-130 students during a trimester. 

Thank you for your educational work for the Church!


Kevin H., IL


He is a great teacher!!! He is one the Lord used to lead us into the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church - hearing him teach on EWTN!

Terry F., CA


I like very much the talk and reflection of Dr. Ambrose. His presentation is very clear, logical, appealing and matter is very depth.

Fr. Ajay, India


Dear Dr. D’Ambrosio,

I want to thank you for your initiative that keeps bearing much fruit.

I also want to thank you for providing the article “Revolutionary Approach to the Bible?” in Spanish.

As an instructor in the Catholic Biblical School of the University of Dallas School of Ministry, I’m always looking for resources in Spanish for my students and people in general who want to know what the Church teaches about Sacred Scripture. There is so much hunger and thirst for God’s Word.

Juan R., Texas


AfricaI would be happy to receive mails form you, to help me with my growth in this wonderful Year of the Priest.

Fr. Patrick, South Africa


It is so wonderful to watch Dr Marcelino Ambrosio on EWTN.....his lucid explanation of profound truths, the way he communicates them is excellent!

May God Bless your ministry!

Sherri L., India


I have read all your article, and I am enriched more about my faith. I would like to learn more.

God is using all possible media to teach us our catholic faith. God Bless.

Alberto C., Philippines


You’re amazing.  I am also able to understand your talks at a layman’s level.  Thank you for your help.

Pat F., Canada


Thanks for your website, an effective tool for renewed evangelization!

Dominiano E., Philippines


Your site is wonderful and I am so happy to have found it.  I will be introducing it to my 17 year old son, Gabriel, who wants to become a priest.  He will also be using your information on St. Ignatius for an oral report. 

Anna R., CA


AfricaGod bless your Ministry for the invaluable work it is doing in the vineyard of Christ, particularly in the promotion of the Catholic teaching/faith. I have benefited immensely from the site.

Frank D., Africa


Hello. I've just attended a Lenten Programme where we watched your DVD (Touching Jesus Through the Church) on deepening our Catholic Faith and I was particularly impressed with the ease of your talks and the ideas conveyed.  Thanks. 

Victor A., South Africa




My mandate as General Counselor ends in August and I will return to Africa- Cameroon I will be very grateful to receive your spiritual reflections my mine and the nourishment of many with whom I share faith. Thank you.

Sister Bibiana, Rome, Italy


I am happy to have come across this Website, and I am looking forward to receiving the documents from you.  Thanks and God bless.

Frank S., Nigeria


I am very glad to have found your website. Your articles are very insightful. I hope to share these insights with those I serve. May God bless you with more knowledge, wisdom and good health in order for you to inspire our generation. Let us keep praying for each other.

Wisdom L., Ghana, West Africa.


What a great place you have, keep it up and be sure that I will visit regularly. I enjoy the graphics. God bless you from Kenya in East Africa.

Fr. George I., Kenya


Dear Marcellino, Thank you so very much for your web-site and good articles.  I really appreciate all the good Catholic information that you provide me.  I try to read everything; there is so much to learn and it's wonderful.  I am a recent revert after a practicing Episcopalian for many years and glad to be back home to Rome.  

Sally F., CA


I will be praying in a very special way for your children Marisa, Mark and Anthony.  You are very generous. Really I wonder on your generosity and promptness to the Call of Our Lord God. Sure, you will be rewarded hundred fold by Our heavenly Father, Sure, my little prayers will be with you and your family esp. Marisa, Mark and Anthony.  Please remember me in your prayers also. With love & prayers,

Sister Elsy Xavier, Doctoral Candidate, John Paul II for The Theology of Marriage and Family, Lateran University


I love reading your articles.  They are so faith-filled and thought provoking.  In reading this article, some of the words just jumped out and grabbed me, causing me to create the attached poster from it.  This will be on my wall at work and shared now with others.  Thank you, Dr. D'Ambrosio and staff, for your continued inspiration.  God bless one and all. 

Dave G., NC



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I Believe - The Heart of Catholic Faith

First given as a Lenten retreat, this is an awesome 4 session program to revitalize your faith and prepare you for the joy of Easter. Great for individuals or families or small groups. The workbook is a treasure of discussion questions, devotions and spiritual exercises that can serve as an easy-to-follow roadmap through the Lent or Holy Week that will break you out of stale patterns and enrich both your prayer and your understanding of the central truths of the Catholic faith, empowering you to share that faith with others.



Exploring the Catholic Church
 Exploring the Catholic Church Introduction to Catholic Doctrine and Practice, a Roman Catholic Book Exploring the Catholic Church: An Introduction to Catholic Teaching and Practice by Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio is an accessible, affordable Roman Catholic Book--perfect gift for anyone!! -- the inactive Catholic, the Sunday Catholic wanting to know more, Protestants who want to know why Catholics do what they do.



The Virtues: Seven Habits of Champions- DVD
 The Virtues: Seven Habits of Champions- DVD Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio offers a spirited 8-part meditation on the four moral virtues - fortitude, prudence, justice and temperance - as well as the three theological virtues of faith, hope and charity. This program lays out how God's inspiration for Christian living is accessible to everyone and demonstrated for us through the lives of the saints.



Exploring the Catholic Church - DVD
 Exploring the Catholic Church - DVD When you have questions about the Catholic Church, where do you turn? This mini-series is one of the best places to begin looking for the answers. Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio's presentation style is perfect for seekers and inquirers, new Christians, for RCIA candidates or for Catholics who just want to refresh their faith and practice. An ideal gift for your friends and family!



Touching Jesus Through the Church DVD -
 Touching Jesus Through the Church This 8 part video series is engaging, inspiring, and informative for the novice as well as for the advanced. By: Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio. This series is used all over the world for RCIA, Adult Faith Formation and personal study!



Feast of Faith - The Transforming Power of the Eucharist

Feast of Faith, Resource on EucharistMake the most of Lent "The Feast of Faith," an enlightening, four-part adult faith formation series (on 2 CDs, or 2 DVDs) guaranteed to unlock the life-changing power of the Eucharist in your life. Be sure to order the Feast of Faith Workbook, you may view it online, to get the most out of this amazing Eucharist Series!




Handbook of Indulgences -Norms & Grants
 Handbook of Indulgences of the Roman Catholic Church, revised text of the Enchiridion of Indulgences This is the revised edition of the ENCHIRIDION OF INDULGENCES and the official English translation of the Church’s book on indulgences and includes a list of the works and prayers to which indulgences are attached.

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