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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Lenten Greetings in the Lord Jesus!   Lent is the season of grace and conversion that offers us an opportunity to make a lasting difference in our families and the world around us.

During the past year the Crossroads Initiative has experienced a marked increased in the number of people being reached.  In February 2010 our website was visited by more than 4300 different people per day, a 22% increase over the same period last year.  Free programming offered to Catholic radio was nearly 50% higher than the previous year.  As a result, we’ve received an upsurge in both expressions of gratitude and requests for more help from Catholics both inside and outside of the United States.   A few examples:

  • Africaspecial thanks for materials donated to a school and Catholic ministry in a remote African village (click here to see photos)
  • the English speaking parish in Shanghai, China thanks Crossroads for permission to reprint material from the website to insert into the weekly parish bulletin
  • thanks from Catholic clergy and laity all across United States for the way Crossroads resources have changed them and their schools, families, and parish communities.

The Crossroads Initiative, like many Catholic ministries, receives expressions of thanks and requests for help on a fairly regular basis.   This past year has been different on two accounts.  First, the number of international contacts has increased substantially – after the USA, the country utilizing our website most heavily last month was former Communist Russia.   This month the second highest number of visits have come from Communist China! 

Second, the urgency and number of requests for  new materials – resources for youth, teaching on a Catholic approach to work, business, money and sexuality, additional programming for Catholic radio – has increased dramatically.  We feel called to do more, but the reality is that Crossroads runs on a “shoestring” budget that is provided by a handful of committed financial supporters and three part-time staff.   We need a more stable base of donations to take our service to the Church to the next level.  

StarbucksDuring the forty days of Lent, our goal is to find 40 new sustaining members of the Crossroads apostolate who are willing to give $15 to $30 dollars per month.   This amounts to between 50 cents and a dollar a day for the Gospel—less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day!   We would like to offer you the opportunity to undertake a Lenten penance that will really make a difference – fast a candy bar or a Starbucks per day and donate the proceeds as almsgiving to Catholic evangelization.   Some of us remember giving coins each day during Lent to “the missions” – we’re  giving you a chance to do the very same thing through Crossroads.

In closing, like Charles Dickens it seems appropriate to say, “these are the best of times and the worst of times.”   This generation is starving for truth and hope.  It is a time for the Church to really be the Church, and prayerfully and practically, educate and evangelize the world around us.   

Be a part of the “new springtime” of evangelization!  Your tax-deductible gift helps us use TV, radio, and the web to proclaim the message without compromise but in language even the young can understand.  Click here to donate now securely online, you may call 800-704-8220 to give over the phone with a credit card or checking account, or you can mail it to PO BOX 271227, Flower Mound, Texas 75027.


Sincerely in Christ -


The Crossroad Initiative Board Members

Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio

Rick Wojciechowski

Barney Smith

Fr. Mark Kusmerik

Chris Hardin

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All donations are tax deductible, The Crossroads Initiative is a 501(c)3 corporation.

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