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Be sure to check out the mini-biographies below and call Cyndi Lucky at 1-800-803-0118 for scheduling information. 


Dr. Marcellino D'AmbrosioDr. D’Ambrosio – The Director of The Crossroads Initiative

The father of five and a business owner, Marcellino brings to his teaching a practical, down-to-earth, and humorous perspective that makes his words easy to understand and enjoyable to hear.  He is a world renowned commentator on Catholic issues having appeared on Fox News’ “Geraldo Rivera At Large” and The O’Reilly Factor.   His book The Guide to the Passion, answering 100 questions about Mel Gibson’s film, hit #6 on the New York Times best-sellers list with over a million copies sold.  He appears frequently on a variety of Catholic TV and radio networks where he is known as “Dr. Italy.”


Nine years of graduate teaching and hundreds of published articles provide Marcellino with an uncommon wealth of knowledge on a variety of spiritual and theological topics.  But his uncanny ability to make profound subjects understandable and relevant to everyday life makes him the perfect speaker for a wide range of events:


  • Convocations for Clergy and Catholic Educators
  • Parish Missions and Conferences
  • Men’s and Women’s Conferences


A Few of his Many Topics:

  • The New Evangelization and the Year of Faith
  • Why Be Catholic?
  • Getting More out of the Mass
  • Catholic Marriage and Family: a prophetic witness



For a full range of topics or to invite Dr. Italy to speak at your event, click here or call Cyndi Lucky at 1.800.803.0118.


Dr. Michael NormanDr. Michael Norman

The story of Michael Norman, recounted in his book Unbridled Grace, is a riveting tale of a naïve young chiropractor who answered an ad to work in a Dallas clinic which, unbeknownst to him, was a front for the Russian Mafia.  Dr. Norman and the office staff were totally innocent of any complicity in the crimes of the owners.  Naturally then, Dr. Norman cooperated fully with the FBI and IRS only to be given a shocking ultimatum by two unscrupulous agents: lie and incriminate fellow employees, or be indicted and convicted yourself.  The months after this became a living hell for Dr. Norman as he awaited the knock at the door that he knew would come.  In his desperation, he began a spiritual journey that led him to the doorstep of a Catholic priest who helped him find freedom from the darkness within and ultimately, victory over the darkness that threatened to destroy him and his family from without.  His story of the power and superabundance of the unbridled grace that he discovered through his conversion and legal battle against the Federal Government has been told on EWTN Catholic radio to the audiences of such hosts as Teresa Tomeo, Al Kresta and Brian Patrick.


Dr. Norman currently owns and runs a family health center that offers chiropractic care and wellness programs since 1992. He also offers outreach care as a non-profit center for the benefit of the poor and uninsured of his local community. Dr. Norman lives with his wife and family outside of Dallas, Texas.



Karen Garnett -

Karen GarnettKaren Garnett is the Executive Director of the Catholic Pro-Life Committee of North Texas (CPLC), the Respect Life Ministry of the Diocese of Dallas.  Commissioned by Dallas Bishop Charles Grahmann in 1993, Karen and her team built a solid, grassroots-based organization that has brought the pro-life message to the churches and schools of the Diocese of Dallas.  She was the first in the nation to hire and train missionary sidewalk counselors as part of a diocesan respect life ministry with the results of thousands of saved lives.

Under Karen's leadership, with nine distinct ministries, 38 full- and part-time staff members and hundreds of volunteers, the Catholic Pro-Life Committee has been heralded as the largest and most effective diocesan pro-life organization in the world, and a model for the nation.    

As a result of her fruitful pro-life work, Karen has been a conference, commencement, and keynote speaker, and in April 2008, attended the arrival ceremony for His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI on the South Lawn of The White House at the invitation of President George W. Bush.

Karen has been interviewed for Fr. Frank Pavone’s Life & Choice radio program and Gospel of Life television program; Life Talk; The Good News Hour with Mary Bond on Ave Maria Radio; The Wall Street Journal; The Dallas Morning News, the National Catholic Register; and the French Catholic magazine Pèlerin.

In February 2004, Karen was the recipient of the Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation of Texas’ Motherhood Award; in February 2006, was one of six international recipients of Legatus International’s John Cardinal O’Connor Pro-Life Hall of Fame Award, presented in Naples, Florida by Tom Monaghan, the first time a diocesan respect life director has been recognized with this award.  Karen has received numerous other awards and was also honored to attend the invitation-only Springtime of Faith Foundation 2011 Rome Summit, a select conference for 25 to 30 international Catholic and Christian leaders to help bring about the new evangelization.

Karen and her family are members of St. Rita Catholic Church in Dallas, where she serves on the Christ Renews His Parish Continuation Committee. 


Crossroads Pursuit -

Crossroads PursuitTwin brothers Marcellino and Anthony approach the youth where they are at. With the dramatic witness of their conversion from a rock and roll lifestyle to the radical Christianity of Scripture, they stand against our cultures norms for these teens. The youth today are under tremendous pressure to conform. Marcellino and Anthony’s unique combination of music, comedy, and dramatic witness, gives them what they need to fight back.


Marcellino and Anthony know intimately the challenges confronting the youth today, because recently they were youth. They were raised with strong catholic teaching and an understanding of the moral life, but these things were not strong enough to keep them from falling into the same sins and distractions that most young people find challenging. Only by the conversion of their hearts have they found freedom from sin and fear. After discerning the priesthood at St. John Vianney Minor Seminary in St. Paul Minnesota, the twins went their separate ways in ministry for a time.


Marcellino recently graduated from Ave Maria University after starting the Student Activities Board, serving music ministry as a worship leader, and serving the community as a household coordinator and Resident Assistant. Both twins have served as leaders for the Totus Tuus youth formation program in the diocese of Wichita, as well as leading countless retreats and youth nights. The twins are unafraid to challenge cliques, “social hierarchy,” and the idolization of appearance. They promote sexual abstinence, the value of family, true masculinity and femininity, and above all a radical love for the person of Jesus Christ. Pursue him at the Crossroads.


Naomi LaRueNaomi Lehew –

Naomi was raised practicing the Catholic faith but not really understanding what it meant to be Catholic.  In college her eyes were opened to the beautiful riches of Catholicism and she began to fall more deeply in love with Christ and His Church.  Since then she has devoted her life to setting others ablaze with love for Christ.


Since 2001 Naomi has worked full time in high school youth ministry at St. Ann Catholic Church in Coppell, TX with one of the largest Life Teen programs in the country.  In addition to planning youth nights and leading Bible studies, Naomi continues to serve as the Confirmation Program Coordinator for the parish.  In 2006 and she received her Masters of Theological Studies from the University of Dallas. 


Naomi is a passionate and dynamic speaker, able to speak on a variety of catechetical and inspirational subjects.  She is comfortable with large group settings, as she regularly speaks in front of 300+ teens, but is also effective with smaller groups.  Most often Naomi can be found speaking at local church retreats, particularly Confirmation retreats, but her experience extends as far as Life Teen Camp Tepeyac in Arizona.  Teen, young adult and adult audiences alike have been touched by her message to live the Catholic faith courageously in a world that is in need of radical witnesses for Jesus Christ.


Samples: (click to listen or right click, download save target as to save to your computer)

"Life's a Trip" -

          A dynamic talk about the importance and fundamentals of the sacraments.


"Dirty Jobs" - 

       Naomi LaRueNaomi talks about the dirtiest job of all time - The Incarnation! This talk will break open this section of the Creed - “for us men and our salvation He came down from heaven: by the power of the Holy Spirit, He was born of the Virgin Mary, and became man.” Those words will mean more than ever after this great talk by Naomi!



To book today - call Cyndi Lucky 1-800-803-0118 or click here to fill out our booking form!



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