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Adult Faith Formation Resources

 Adult Faith Formation Resources


Adult Faith Formation must be one of our highest priorities as a Catholic Community, especially during this special year of the Eucharist.


The Crossroads Initiative has assembled and developed great video and audio resources that RCIA and Adult Faith Formation Classes can watch together and then discuss.


These resources are lively with humor, practical examples and short segments that are easy to digest.


They are perfect for individuals and ideal for study groups.




Feast of Faith, Resource on EucharistFeast of Faith -

The Transforming Power of the Eucharist


In this enlightening, four-part adult faith formation series, Dr. D’Ambrosio takes you on a journey of discovery, offering profound reflections on the nature of the Holy Eucharist – the “source and summit” of the Catholic faith.

Part OneSacrifice – discusses how the Mass is a true sacrifice, the “re-presentation” of Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross.

Part TwoReal Presence – The uniqueness of Jesus’ presence in the Eucharist is contrasted with the other ways he is present in the world. Out need to be properly prepared to receive Jesus in the Eucharist is discussed in…

Part ThreePreparation – we need to have more faith, more appetite, more repentance, and more forgiveness. Finally…

Part FourAdoration – offers practical ways we can grow in our devotion to the Holy Eucharist. This is a must-have series for RCIA and Parish Adult Faith Formation. 


Feast of Faith Workbook - $5.95


Feast of Faith – DVD - $44.95

Feast of Faith – VHS - $44.95

Feast of Faith - CD - $19.95

Feast of Faith - AT - $19.95

Feast of Faith Workbook Sets


Feast of Faith DVD and Workbook Set - $49.95

Feast of Faith CD and Workbook Set - $24.95

Feast of Faith AT and Workbook Set - $24.95

Feast of Faith VHS and Workbook Se - $49.95



I Believe - The Heart of the Catholic Faith, The Nicence Creed, Catholic FaithI Believe -

The Heart of the Catholic Faith

What exactly is the Creed?

In this dynamic, four-part series, D. D'Ambrosio explains how this expression of the fundamental beliefs of our faith is critcal to out Christian Lives.


He notes that faith is not a denial of the intellect, but rather a fulfillment of our deepest need for the truth - of our deepest need for a realtionship with our Creator.


The Creed teaches us that God is a communion of Persons - the Trinity- and tell us of their nature and mission. WIth enlightening metaphors and colorful anecdotes, Dr. D'Ambrosio shows that we are called to "live the Creed" by developing a loving realtionship with God the Father, Son, and Spirit, and having a deep devotion to the one, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church.


I Believe DVD - $44.95

I Believe CD - $19.95

I Believe Audio Tape - $19.95

I Believe VHS - $44.95


Touching Jesus Through The Church

by Marcellino D'Ambrosio, Ph.D.


Touching Jesus Through the Church, RCIA, Adult Formation, Bible StudyBeginning with Marcellino's own story of finding new life and meaning in Christ within the Catholic Church, Touching Jesus through the Church covers the most prominent Catholic distinctives most commonly misunderstood by non-Catholics and Catholics alike.  In these videos, used in nearly 1,000 parishes throughout the English-speaking world, Dr. D'Ambrosio makes plain why Catholic teaching makes sense and why living as a Catholic is an exciting adventure.  The humor and energy of these videos, each about 35 minutes in length, makes for exceptionally enjoyable and easy listening.


Touching Jesus Through the Church is a perfect discussion-starter for adult religious ed, RCIA, confirmation class, high school religion, and basic Christianity courses such as Alpha.


Touching Jesus Through the Church VHS - $114.95

Touching Jesus Through the Church Audio Tape - $44.95

Touching Jesus Through the Church Study Guide - $5.95


Touching Jesus Through the Church VHS and Sudy Guide set - $120.90

Touching Jesus Through the Church AT and Study Guide set - $50.90



The Great Adventure Bible Time Line Series, Catholic Scripture StudyThe Great Adventure

Catholic Bible Timeline System

by Jeff Cavins


The Great Adventure: A Journey Through the Bible is an exciting learning system that teaches people the narrative story of the Bible so they can understand the plan of salvation history.


Jeff Cavins developed The Great Adventure in 1984 as a Protestant minister when he realized that many Christians did not grasp “the big picture” of the Bible. Though people knew selected stories, they were not able to connect them into a full narrative. His answer was to identify the books of the Bible that tell the story from beginning to end. By reading just those 14 “narrative” books, a chronological story emerges. His popular Bible Timeline program teaches that story in a way that is easy to remember, and helps people to continue reading Scripture on their own. 

For more of the OVERVIEW, CLICK HERE! 

For testimonials about the Great Adventure Bible Study Program,

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Bible Timeline AT- Series - $129

Bible Timeline CD Series - $129

Bible Timeline VHS Series - $300

Bible Timeline DVD Series - $379


Bible Time Line Starter Kit - $11.95

Bible Time Line Seminar Pack - $24.95

Bible Time Line Chart - $5.95

Bible Time Line Bookmark - $1.00











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