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The Crossroads Initiative Library has articles and writings from over 100 different Catholic authors. Writings from the Early Church Fathers, Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio, Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI and many others. Many of them are available for download and printing to share with others.

Aelred of Rievaulx, Abbot, Saint
Alphonsus Liguori, St.
Alton, Lord David
Amadeus of Lausanne, St.
Ambrose of Milan, St.
Anastasius, St.
Andrew of Crete
Anselm, St.
Anthony of Padua, St.
Aphraates, Bishop
Aquinas, St. Thomas
Asterius of Amasea, Bishop
Athanasius, St.
Augustine of Hippo, St.
Balthasar, Hans Urs von
Barbarito, Bishop Gerald M.
Basil the Great, St.
Bede the Venerable, St.
Bellarmine, St. Robert
Benedict XV, Pope
Benedict XVI, Pope
Benedict, St.
Bernard of Clairvaux, St.
Bernardino of Siena, San
Bonaventure, St.
Burkhardt, Terry
Caesarius of Arles, St.
Capizzi, Joseph E
Catechism of the Catholic Church
Catherine of Siena, St.
Cavins, Jeff
Charles de Foucauld
Charles Borromeo, St.
Chromatius, St.
Clare of Assisi, Saint
Clement of Rome
Cohen, Roger
Columbanus, St.
Congar, Yves
Congregation for Divine Worship (Vatican)
Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
Conrad of Marburg
Council of Orange
Cyprian, St.
Cyril of Alexandria, St.
Cyril of Jerusalem, St.
D'Ambrosio, Dr. Marcellino
Damian, St. Peter
English, Jim
Ephrem the Syrian, St.
Eusebius of Caesarea
Eusebius of Vercelli, St.
Faustinus Luciferanus
Faustus of Riez, St.
Fournier, Keith A.
Francis de Sales, St.
Francis of Assisi, St.
Francis Xavier
Francis, Pope
Fulgentius of Ruspe, St.
Gaudentius, St.
Gregory of Agrigentum, St.
Gregory of Nazianzen, St.
Gregory of Nyssa, St.
Gregory the Great, St.
Greydanus, Steven
Hahn, Scott
Hilarion, Bishop
Hilary of Poitiers, St.
Hippolytus, St.
Ignatius of Antioch, St.
Ignatius of Loyola, St.
Irenaeus of Lyons, St.
Isaac of Stella
Jacobse, Johannes L.
Jerome, St.
Jesus of Nazareth
John Bosco, St.
John Chrysostom, St.
John Damascene, St.
John Eudes, St.
John Fisher, St.
John of the Cross, St.
John Paul II, Pope
John Vianney, St.
John XXIII, Pope
Justin Martyr, St.
Kochan, Mary
Kreeft, Peter
Leo the Great, St.
Leo XIII, Pope
Lerins, Vincent of
Lincoln, Abraham
Louis of France, St.
Lubac, Henri de
Maximilian Kolbe, St.
Maximus of Turin, St.
Maximus the Confessor, St.
Melito of Sardis
Merton, Thomas
Mother Teresa of Calcutta
Myers, Archbishop John J.
Olson, Carl E.
Pacwa, Father Mitch
Paul VI
Pelikan, Jaroslav
Peter Chrysologus
Peters, Dr. Edward
Pius X, Saint
Pius XI, Pope
Pius XII, Pope
Proclus, St.
Quodvultdeus, St.
Ratzinger, Cardinal Joseph
Rose of Lima, St.
Scanlan, Michael J.
Scanlon, Father Michael
Schonborn, Cardinal Christoph
Second Vatican Council (Vatican II)
Sophronius, St.
Staples, Tim
Stephen of Hungary, St.
Sulpicius Severus
Teresa of Avila, St.
Theodore the Studite, St.
Theodoret of Cyr
Theophilus of Antioch, St.
Therese of Lisieux, St.
Thomas a Kempis
Trent, Council of
Vincent de Paul
Welborn, Amy
West, Christopher
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