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BioLean Weight Management System

BioLean Weight Management System--

A safe, healthy, long-term Solution


by Marcellino D'Ambrosio, Ph.D.


An overview of my personal experience of the BioLean Weight Management System.


BioLean makes the scale your friend"All you need is to eat less and exercise more and you'll lose weight."  We've all heard that.  But it is not so simple.   Certainly I eat sensibly and exercise and encourage others to do the same.  But I did that from age 40-43 and gained 20 lbs!  Lots of people do succeed in losing weight with diet and exercise, but more than 90% gain it back again, studies show.


The BioLean system, from Wellness International Network, got my weight off in 1998 and has kept it off ever since, without a special diet or exercise regimen.  Since then I've helped people lose up to 115lbs and keep it off long term using the entire BioLean system.


Why does the BioLean system work?  Because it hits weight from every angle and, because the user-friendly products are natural and good for you, they can be used long-term as part of your wellness program.


BioLean II weight management fat lossBioLean II reactivates the body's ability to burn stored fat without ephedra.  I love it because it encourages the right things--you'll notice your appetite decrease, especially for sweets and junk, and because of an increase in energy levels, you'll feel more like exercising.  One packet of herbal tablets in the morning, drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, and you're done.  BioLean II facts


BioLean-Free does the very same thing but through an entirely different, ephedra-free formulation.  BioLean-Free facts


LipoTrim.  Now, this is one of my favorites.  When you take it beforeLipoTrim for weight loss meals, it inhibits the process whereby excess carbs are stored as fat.  That means I can eat pasta without wearing it on my hips the next day! 


LipoTrim also works towards keeping blood sugar levels stable (Great for everybody, especially diabetics and pre-diabetics).  Bottom line is getting the weight off faster and keeping it off! 


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that many have seen great improvements in cholesterols levels using LipoTrim and BioLean.  One study showed people taking LipoTrim alone had an average of 14% reduction in total cholesterol levels.  LipoTrim facts


BioLean Accelerator for faster weight lossBioLean Accelerator  You take this blend of amino acids and herbs 2-3 times a day to accelerate the fat-burning effects of BioLean.  If you have more than 20lbs to lose or need to lose weight in a hurry (before a wedding, vacation, competition, or surgery), be sure to use this along with your BioLean.  BioLean Accelerator facts


 If you have not tried these products, we'd be happy to send you free samples.  For free samples of BioLean II or BioLean-Free call us toll-free at 1.800.803.0118.


For more info or to order, call us at 1.800.803.0118 or visit


BIOLEAN FreeŽ, a product of Wellness International Network, Ltd., is currently undergoing clinical trials

 at The Johns Hopkins University.  All products above are listed in the Physicians Desk Reference for non-prescription Drugs and Dietary Supplements.

* The above products are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.






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