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Pope Francis, the Synod and the Domestic Church


Pope Francis


Opening Address to the 2015 Synod on the Family

Oct 5, 2015

Opening Address of Synod on Family

Homily for the Opening Mass of the Synod on the Family,

Oct 4, 2015

Synod Opening Mass

Would YOU Pass this Heart Monitor Test?! -

Heart Monitor

This Sunday’s readings tell us the story -- The Divine Physician puts two guys on a heart monitor. One failed the test, one passed. Read the story and be honest – if the same test was administered to you, how would you do?

This article is also available in Spanish - visit here!

We REALLY need your help!

As we have begun the massive overhaul of our website and the production of our first evangelistic videos (read more about it here, we’ve seen our staff and our ministry come under considerable attack spiritually and financially. We need your prayers. And we very much need your financial help at this moment.


We Need You!Thanks to all who have already made a generous response to our recent e-mail.

But we need to find another 66 additional people over the next thirty days to pledge a dollar a day ($30/month) for the gospel. In addition, we need to raise $12,400 in special one-time gifts by October 31. Can you please help us in one way or another???


While no gift is too small, we do need people to step forward to give $100, $500, or $1,000 as means allow and as the Spirit leads. Please give what you can and pray that others will be moved to join you in giving.


Whether you choose to pledge monthly or make a one-time gift, you can do so online securely via E-Check, credit card, or Paypal at Or you can call in your credit card gift at 1.800.803.0118. Finally, you can mail a check made out to “Crossroads” PO BOX 271227, Flower Mound, TX 75027.

Can the Rosary Change Your Life...

Your Family? Your Marriage?

The entire month of October is especially dedicated to the Mary and the Rosary! We are also still celebrating the life-changing visit of Pope Francis to the United States for the World Meeting of Families. Come to The Crossroads Initiative where you can find some amazing resources to learn more about the Month of Mary, Pope Francis, families, marriage and more! We have tons of free online resources at and many more on sale - come check them out!


 Mary's Life in the Spirit: Meditations on a Holy Duet

Mary's Life in the Spirit: Meditations on a Holy Duet
How did Mary, filled with grace since her conception, live her life in the Holy Spirit? How can she teach us to do the same? Popular author Fr. George Montague, a Marianist priest and a highly respected biblical scholar, is uniquely qualified to address this topic. In short meditations, Fr. Montague focuses on various aspects of Mary’s life and the Spirit’s involvement in each of them.

Everyday - $10.95
S*A*L*E - $7.12


Scriptural Rosary with Luminous Mysteries -- Rosary Meditation Aid
Hardcover Scriptural Rosary devotional book with Luminous Mysteries. The Scriptural Rosary makes meditating on the biblical mysteries of the rosary so much easier!

 The Scriptural Rosary combines the regular recitation of the rosary with a short passage from scripture, said before each Hail Mary. The scripture passages are arranged so that the story of each mystery, or decade, unfolds biblically bead by bead.  As a result, the Scriptural Rosary is a great aid for meditating more fruitfully on the mysteries, which is what the rosary is about.  This Scriptural Rosary is really a modern version of the way the Rosary was prayed throughout Western Europe in the late Middle Ages.

 Scriptural Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary, John Paul II Luminous mysteries, biblical Rosary Meditation


 Real Men Pray the Rosary: A Practical Guide to a Powerful Prayer

Real Men Pray the Rosary: A Practical Guide to a Powerful Prayer
In Real Men Pray the Rosary: A Practical Guide to a Powerful Prayer, a powerful story of a vital prayer movement that is igniting men’s hearts, David N. Calvillo narrates his own life-changing experience of the Rosary, presents a comprehensive guide to the Rosary, and offers a 33-Day Rosary Challenge.

Everyday - $12.95
S*A*L*E - $11.09


Living the Rosary
The Rosary, often called “the Gospel in miniature,” is both explained and meditated upon by Rev. John Phalen, C.S.C., president of Holy Cross Family Ministries and one of today’s leading Rosary evangelists.
Living the Rosary: Finding Your Life in the Mysteries situates each of the twenty “mysteries” of the life of Jesus within both biblical and modern stories of conversion and spiritual growth. Beginning with his own vocation story (an example of “annunciation”), Phalen offers twenty different stories—some scriptural, some personal, all of them practical—that will help readers better understand and live each mystery of the Rosary.

Everyday - $12.95
S*A*L*E - $10.95

 Living the Rosary


 A Father's Heart

A Father's Heart - Rosary Meditations for Dads
Discover the heart of true fatherhood as it relates to the life, death, and resurrection of Christ. With pearls of wisdom and glimpses into the eternal and relentless love of God, Father Doug Lorig draws on his own experiences as a father and pastor to bring parents to a deeper perfect plan of salvation. Grow in holiness within the wondrous vocation of fatherhood as you pray these rosary meditations written especially for dads.

Retail - $5.95
SA*L*E - $4.75


Refresh Me, Lord! Meditations to Renew a Woman's Spirit
These short meditations are a perfect way for Catholic women of any age to start or end their days. Anne Costa helps us to see beyond the daily clutter of our lives to our real purpose--fulfilling the great calling God has given to women, whose unique gifts can change the world. While acknowledging the struggles and temptations that women face, Costa always leaves them with hope that they can be renewed in Christ and become people who bring many blessings to others.

 Refresh Me, Lord! Meditations to Renew a Woman's Spirit


 Blessed Virgin Mary, Rosary, Catholic Church,Devotion to Mary, Mother of God, Praying the Rosary

How Mary and the Rosary Can Change Your Life -CD Set
Two talk set by Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio that explains the Virgin Mary as the model of faith, the true meaning of the Rosary and how both can change your life! Wonderful for anyone who has questions about the Catholic belief with regards to Mary and the Rosary!

Everyday - $18.00
S*A*L*E - $14.40


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