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Israel Issues New Pope John Paul II Postage Stamp

Israel Issues New Pope John Paul II Postage Stamp


Pope John Paul II - Israel Issues StampIsrael is the first nation to issue a stamp to express its esteem and appreciation for the late Pope John Paul II. The Stamp features the late pontiff placing a note inside the stones of Jerusalem’s Western Wall during his historic visit to Israel and the Holy City in 2000.


Communications Minister Dalia Itzik presented it to the head of the Holy See Embassy in Israel as well as other Catholic leaders and the ambassadors of Italy and Poland.


On the stamp is a caption in both English and Hebrew with a prayer that the pope expressed during his visit. “May peace be God’s gift to the land He chose as His own. Shalom.”


On Pope John Paul II’s note at the Western Wall (Wailing Wall) was written a similar message of peace and also asked for forgiveness for acts committed against Jews by Christians throughout history.


“Our Lord who has chosen Abraham and his seed to carry his message to the gentiles, we are deeply saddened by the actions of those who have caused suffering to your children all through history,” Pope John Paul II wrote. “We ask for your forgiveness and we commit ourselves to true harmony and peace with the Jewish people.”


Bishop Giacinto-Boulos Marcuzzo, head of the Latin Patriarchy in Israel, and expressed satisfaction that the new stamp issued in honor of Pope John Paul II carries the message of peace and understanding between the two religions.


This stamp is the first time that a non-Jewish religious leader has appeared on an Israeli stamp, according to New Jersey philatelist Dr. Leonard Cohen, an authority on Israeli stamps. “Israel putting the pope on a stamp will have tremendous historical significance,” he said.


John Paul II devoted much effort to improving Jewish-Catholic relations and established formal diplomatic relations with Israel during his 26-year papacy. He spoke in Rome’s main synagogue in 1986 and became the first pope in history to visit a synagogue.

Israel also plans to dedicate a park to John Paul II in the Galilee, on the site where he celebrated a mass during his historic Millennium year 2000 pilgrimage. The park will include an amphitheatre for meetings and events.


The John Paul II stamp has a face value of 3.30 NIS. It was designed by Yaacov Granot, based on a photo by Amos Ben Gershom. It is available in North America from the Israel Philatelic Agency of North America, c/o IGPC, 460 West 34th St., New York, NY 10001. Phone toll-free 800-607-2799 or email


To download and print to share, please Click Here!

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PPeter, the Pope and Infallibilityeter, the Pope and Infallibility   

As we as a Catholic community mourn the death of Pope John Paul II, there are questions raised by Catholics and Non- Catholics about the Papacy and its institution. Peter, the Pope and Infallibility by Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio will help answer many of the questions that people may ask during this time of mourning. This CD (or AT) is 45 minutes in length and was given during Dr. D’Ambrosio pilgrimage to Rome.

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Pope John Paul II, Achievements, George WeigelThe Achievement of Pope John Paul II -

In a remarkable speech given in January of 2005, internationally known scholar and writer - and friend of Pope John Paul II - George Weigel eloquently lists and elaborates upon 10 enduring accomplishments of this great man.

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