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Tim Staples

 Tim Staples, Catholic Convert,

Tim Staples: Biography, Writings, and Audio/Video Products


Tim Staples was raised in a Southern Baptist home in Virginia.  Although he somewhat fell away from serious faith during his adolescent years, the preaching of several TV evangelists motivated Tim to give his life to Christ at the age of 18.  Shortly thereafter Staples joined the Marine Corps to gain some much-needed discipline and get some help financing his college education.  During his tour of duty he had the opportunity to participate in several Protestant ministries and bible studies. Before long, Tim enrolled in the Jimmy Swaggart Bible College and with an eye towards becoming an youth minister for the Assemblies of God, a Pentecostal denomination.

However, during his final year in the Marines, Tim met a fellow soldier named Matt Dula who really challenged Tim to examine the Catholic Faith from a biblical and historical perspective. Tim's friendship with Matt sparked a two-year search for the truth.  Though Tim was determined to prove Catholicism wrong, he wound up studying and praying his way right into the Roman Catholic Church!

After converting to Catholicism in 1988, Staples spent six years in formation for the priesthood. Tim began his journey towards ordination by earning a degree in philosophy from St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in Overbrook, Pennsylvania.  He then went on to study graduate theology for two additional years at Mount St. Mary’s Seminary in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

In 1994 Tim discerned through prayer and counsel that his calling was not to be a Catholic priest, but rather to be a lay Catholic apologist and evangelist.  He has been hard at work ever since producing materials to help Catholics and non-Catholics alike understand the meaning and the biblical foundation of the Catholic faith.  His works include
Nuts and Bolts: A Practical How-To Guide for Explaining and Defending the Catholic Church, and Twisted Scripture(CD), a critique of the Protestant doctrine of "Sola Scriptura."  Tim's personal conversion story can be found in written form in the book edited by Patrick Madrid entitled Surprised by Truth - 11 Stories of Conversion to the Catholic Church.  Staples' journey of conversion is also available in an audio/video version under the title The Bible Made Me Do It! (VHS, Audio Tape, Compact Disk).


In hundreds of live appearances all over the country, Tim Staples has helped thousands of people find their way home to the Catholic Church.  Tim makes his extensive knowledge of Scripture available in tapes, books, and talks, helping others to see the strong biblical basis under girding Catholic doctrine. Tim’s humor and infectious enthusiasm captivate his audiences, and his unique style has brought him worldwide renown.  Tim currently resides in Southern California with his wife Valerie and their infant son, Tim Jr.  He is currently a staff apologist for Catholic Answers in El Cajon, CA.

Tim Staples, The Bible Made Me Do It!, Nuts and BoltsTim Staple's Nuts and Bolts - Guide For Defending the Catholic Faith

This exciting, step-by-step introduction to apologetics "Tim Staples' style" presents over a dozen "real life" scenarios that teach you how to explain and defend Catholic doctrines confidently, charitable, and effectively. Tim writes from great experience; A former anti-Catholic Protestant who converted to the Church, Staples shows you how to use Scripture to respond to the very arguments he used against Catholics. - Retail - $11.95

  Tim Staples - The Bible Made Me Do It! - VHS

Tim Staples - The Bible Made Me Do It! - VHS

THE TIM STAPLES CONVERSION Tim was raised a Baptist and was an Assembly of God Youth Minister before he met a fellow Marine who knew how to defend the Catholic Faith. He soon became convinced that the Catholic Church was indeed the Church started by Christ.

Retail - $19.95





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