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Faustinus Luciferanus

Faustinus (aka Faustus) Luciferanus wrote a treatise on the Trinity around the year 380 AD, most probably at the request of the wife of the Emperor Theodosius the Great, the one who made orthodox Catholic Christianity the faith of the Roman Empire.  Faustinus is one of the lesser known of the Early Church Fathers.  For more information, see Vol IV of Joannes Quasten's Patrology or the entry "Faustinus" the Encyclopedia of the Early Church produced by the Augustinanum and published by Oxford University Press in 1992

The Fathers of the Church - Who They Are and Why They MatterFathers of the Church Early Church Fathers CD by Marcellino D'Ambrosio

In a single, upbeat talk, full of examples and fascinating stories about some of the Church's most intriguing personalities, Marcellino D'Ambrosio explains who people are talking about when they refer to the "Fathers of the Church" or "Early Church Fathers.  Though the ranks of the fathers include a tremendous variety of cultures, locales, and personalities, there is surprising consensus that emerges from them on a variety of the most pressing questions of our day.  In this dynamic talk, Marcellino makes clear just how much these figures have to teach us. 

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