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Blessed Virgin Mary

The Virgin Mary, the Mother of God: On-Line Resources



Catholic Saints | Catholic Saints Online & MaryThe Virgin Mary -- One thing that distinguishes Catholicism from Evangelical Protestant culture is the emphasis that Catholics (and Orthodox) place on the Blessed Virgin Mary and the saints.  Sometimes it has appeared to Protestants that Catholics actually place more emphasis on the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, and the Catholic Saints than they do on Jesus.


This sort of approach to the saints is not authentically Catholic.  In one of the most authoritative Church documents of the twentieth Century, the Second Vatican Council emphatically declares that in spite of the exceeding honor owed to the mother of Jesus, she, as well as all the Catholic Saints, are nonetheless creatures.  And "no creature could ever be classed with the Incarnate Word and Redeemer" (Lumen Gentium 62).  Catholics worship the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  They honor the Virgin Mary and the Saints.


There are marvelous devotional practices whereby honor and veneration is paid by Catholics to our mother Mary and our elder brothers and sisters, the Catholic saints.  But the greatest honor we can given them is to study and ultimately imitate their inspiring example.  Many of the saints of the Catholic Church have left us writings that can mark out the way to holiness and urge us on as we travel that difficult road.


What we've assembled here is certainly not an exhaustive list of resources about the Virgin Mary.  Rather, we've provided is a constantly growing collection of short readings about the Virgin Mary often by the saints or the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, readings that we believe will help us attain the ultimate goal that every Christian must make their own, namely to become a like Mary in faith and holiness.


For brief biographies of the saints who are listed below as authors, visit the author page of the Crossroads Initiative Library and click on the name of the saint that you'd like to learn more about.


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How Mary and the Rosary Can Change Your Life

by: Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio

Talk 1:  The Virgin Mary: Model of Faith

 Blessed Virgin Mary, Rosary, Catholic Church,Devotion to Mary, Mother of God, Praying the Rosary Some Christians seem to neglect her; others seem overly preoccupied with her.  What is the true role of Mary in God's plan, her intended role in our lives now, and the proper form of devotion to her?  In this talk, Dr. D'Ambrosio provides enlightening and inspiring answers to these questions from Scripture, common sense and the teaching of the Church.

Talk 2: A Fresh Look at The Rosary

 There is something here for everyone-- those who have problems with the rosary, and those who've read every book on the subject.  Drawing from scripture, history, Church teaching and personal experience, Dr. D'Ambrosio shares insights in this talk that will forever change the way you look at and experience this traditional devotion.


Kitty Cleveland-The Miracle of Love Rosary
 The Miracle of Love Rosary CD - Kitty Cleveland and Father Robert Cavalier Our hope is that The Miracle of Love Rosary CD will lead you into a deeper state of union with out Lord as you contemplate with Mary the face of Christ. We pray that the mediations will deepen you appreciation for the gift of life, which is truly a Miracle of Love, and strengthen your commitment to defend life in all its stages.



Personal Prayer - Pathway to Joy - CD
 Personal Prayer Pathway to Joy, Marcellino D'Ambrosio, Catholic Faith Everyone knows that personal prayer is important. You can't expect to deepen a relationship with God talking with Him only once a week! But how, in the midst of the busy, noisy life we all lead, can we develop a pattern of daily prayer that really works? And if we are successful in carving out some moments for prayer, what do we do? How should we spend that time in way that would be most fruitful?




Title Author Excerpt Download
Ancient Homily on Mary's Assumption -- St. John Damascene St. John Damascene Yes Download
Annunciation and Mary's Fiat--St Bernard St. Bernard of Clairvaux Yes Download
Art Historian on Leonardo's Last Supper Zenit Catholic News Service No Download
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio No Download
Birthday of Mary Mother of God--St. Andrew of Crete St. Andrew of Crete Yes Download
Blessed are You among Women - St Sophronius St. Sophronius Yes
Blessed Virgin Mary and the Church -- Second Vatican Council Second Vatican Council (Vatican II) Yes
Bride of Christ - St. Ambrose St. Ambrose of Milan Yes
Canticle of Mary (Luke 1:46-55) Various No
Divine Motherhood of Mary - St. Cyril of Alexandria St. Cyril of Alexandria Yes Download
Dogma of the Assumption of Mary -- Pius XII Pope Pius XII Yes Download
Homily for the Feast of the Assumption-Pope Benedict XVI Pope Benedict XVI No
John Paul IIs Prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe Pope John Paul II No Download
Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin Various No Download
Many Titles of the Blessed Virgin Mary - Meredith Gould Various Yes Download
Martha and Mary -- St. Augustine St . Augustine of Hippo Yes
Mary and the Church--Isaac of Stella Isaac of Stella Yes
Mary as Model of Charity Pope Benedict XVI Yes Download
Mary as the New Eve - St. Irenaeus St. Irenaeus of Lyons Yes Download
Mary Conceived in Faith-Augustine St . Augustine of Hippo Yes Download
Mary Magdalene-St. Gregory the Great St. Gregory the Great Yes Download
Mary the Royal Virgin-St Leo the Great St. Leo the Great Yes
Mary Worshippers?-Tim Staples Tim Staples No
Mary's Magnificat-Venerable Bede St. Bede the Venerable Yes Download
Mary's Visitation of Elizabeth-St. Ambrose St. Ambrose of Milan Yes Download
Mary, a Virgin Full of Grace and Virtues - Bernard of Clairvaux St. Bernard of Clairvaux Yes Download
Mary, Model of Faith Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio No Download
Mary, Mother of God, Theotokos -- Cyril of Alexandria St. Cyril of Alexandria Yes
Mary, Mother of God? Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio No Download
Meditate on the Mysteries-Bernard of Clairvaux St. Bernard of Clairvaux Yes Download
Mother of the Redeemer-John Paul II Redemptoris Mater Pope John Paul II No
Our Lady Beyond Scientific Explanation Various No Download
Our Lady of Guadalupe-Story of the Apparition Anonymous Yes Download
Our Lady of Lourdes-St Bernadette Various Yes Download
Our Lady of Sorrows--Bernard of Clairvaux St. Bernard of Clairvaux Yes Download
Perpetual Virginity of Mary-St Jerome St. Jerome No Download
Queenship of Mary-St Amadeus of Lausanne St. Amadeus of Lausanne Yes
Rosary Meditation: Different Approaches Anonymous No
Rosary-John Paul II Rosarium Virginis Mariae Pope John Paul II No
True Revolution-Pope Benedict XVI World Youth Day 2005 Pope Benedict XVI No
Virgin Mary, Mother of the Re-created World -- St. Anselm St. Anselm Yes Download
Virgin Mary, the Church, and Evangelization -Augustine St . Augustine of Hippo Yes
Visitation -- Mary's Soul Proclaims God's Greatness (St. Bede) St. Bede the Venerable Yes Download

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