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Catholic Musicians and Artists

Michael John Poirier Catholic musician and singer Michael John Poirier
I recently heard Michael's music at a conference and the impact of his ministry is stunning.  His nine CD's and cassettes are filled with songs of comfort, mercy, and forgiveness.  If you visit his website, you can hear samples of his songs free! 
John Polce Catholic Musician John Polce
John Polce is one of the most amazing Christian musicians I've ever known.  John combines a deep life of prayer with extraordinary musical talent.  The result is a set of original songs that truly penetrate to the heart.  A John Polce concert is more like a retreat than a performance.  Bring him to your area and your church will experience renewal and refreshment.  Listen often to his recordings and you'll be drawn deeper into life in Christ.
Razed Records - Curis Stephan Razed Records - Curis Stephan
"Sincerity, honesty, and hope is what I want people to get out of my music," singer-songwriter Curtis Stephan explains. "I want them to know that God is real and how he has touched my life." As the music director of St. Ann's stunning 17,000-member church in Coppell, Texas, Curtis has witnessed the power of music ministry. He has a mission - to spread the positive message of the gospel with his musical talent. "I have been given so much and I want to give back the best way I know how."
Rise Rise

Rise is dedicated to Youth Ministry. Their music is inspiring and reaches out as a caring hand. They reach out by performing at Catholic/Christian Organizations and Churches with their music and Ministry.

Rise! Dedicated To Reaching Souls With The Good News of Jesus Christ

David MacDonald Catholic contemporary music David MacDonald
David MacDonald is a Contemporary Catholic Musician from Canada with an extraordinary personal testimony and great zeal to see the Lord move in a powerful way in the lives of others through his music.
Catholic Sacred Art -- Enrique de la Vega Catholic Sacred Art -- Enrique de la Vega

The art of Enrique "Hank" de la Vega proceeds from a deep, rich faith and grounding in Catholic theology and spirituality.  His scupltures and mosaics adorn the sacred space of many churches as well as parks and plazas.

BOC Ministry - Gerardo Hernadez BOC Ministry - Gerardo Hernadez
Gerardo’s rare combination of experience, talent and courage in contemporary Christian music and evangelization, and his passion and obedience to Christ have come full-circle, resulting in an unwavering and powerful worship experience.
The proprietor of this site, Matthew McDevitt, was in the Seminary where these CDs were recorded (for 3 years and 4 months). During that time, he was set in charge of the Audio Department. Because he loved Gregorian Chant, he set at once to immortalizing the beautiful Chant which was sung every day in the Main Chapel. 50 trained male voices singing the Church's traditional Gregorian Chant is a sound not easily forgotten. As a labor of love, Matthew went out of his way to record everything sung, hoping to share it with his family and others who are not able to hear Chant every day. Thank God these recordings were made at the time!
Chuck Stevens Catholic Musicians Chuck Stevens
This music is an acoustic folk style (some rousing, some reflective).  While this CD is
available for public sale through Canadian retailers and on the Internet ,
the main purpose of this music is to bring others to praise and worship God , and to help raise funds for Church projects and  charities. 

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