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Catholic Apologetics

Apologetics means a rational defense of the faith.  The organizations and persons listed in this site place a particular accent on demonstrating the rational, historical, and biblical evidence for Catholic doctrines and practices.
Defenders of the Catholic Faith Steve Ray Defenders of the Catholic Faith
Steve Ray and his family made the journey from Evangelical Protestantism to full communion with the Catholic Church in 1994.  Ever since, Steve has traveled around the world speaking, writing, and filming in defense of and explanation of the Catholic Faith.  His web site contains great apologetic resources.
Catholic Q and A Pentecost Catholic Q and A

This site organizes apologetic info in a handy Q and A format grouped in categories that range from moral issues to theological and historical issues.

Catholic Answers Catholic Answers
Great material to help defend and explain the Catholic faith as well as particularly good resources to help a person in defending and living the virtue of chastity.  Catholic Answers also has a staff of apologist who can answer particular, personal questions about the faith via email plus has a priest on staff who can help a person needing spiritual counsel.
Mission Moment Mission Moment

The Mission Moment is home to the speaking ministry of Bill Donaghy, and dedicated to the New Evangelization. You'll find talks and presentations for your parish, resources for faith-sharing, and sign up to receive inspirational quotes from the saints, poets and prophets.

Since World Mission Sunday, October of 2001, it's weekly message has inspired, encouraged, and challenged its readers to live life in the Presence of God.

Turris Fortis - Catholic Apologists Turris Fortis - Catholic Apologists
The personal apologetics site of Matthew Newsome, a Catholic convert living in rural western NC, where Catholics are a small minority.  The site features topical articles by the web master, as well as archived weekly homilies by Fr. W. R. Williams
Christifideles Pizza and Theology Society Christifideles Pizza and Theology Society

CPATS is a Catholic support group of orthodox lay Catholics loyal to the Holy See and the Church's Magisterium whose primary interest is Catholic apologetics and evangelization. This CPATS group meets in and around Natick, Massachusetts where the Webmaster, Mike Humphrey lives. (About 20 miles west of Boston.)  We communicate, answer and clarify questions about what the Church teaches for visitors to our web site via e-mail/personal computers (PC), and meet periodically via pizza parties to address questions and concerns we have about the Church.


Les Femmes, The Women of Truth Les Femmes, The Women of Truth
Les Femmes, Inc is an independent media apostolate of orthodox Roman Catholic laity in the Diocese of Arlington, VA. We are committed to catechesis and apologetics through publication of a quarterly newsletter, THE TRUTH, and other ad hoc projects.
Transporter Info Services Transporter Info Services

Wonderful Apologetics website with emphasis on Mormonism and Human Life!

Catholic Bridge Catholic Bridge

Here I simply lay Catholicism at the feet of my Evangelical friends. Some may step on it (many do) or walk away. But my hope is that some will pick it up, take a closer look and perhaps pray with us. I realize that I am not going to make all Evangelicals and all Catholics suddenly stand up and hug one another (although I wish they would) but if I can soften a few hearts then my job will be done. There are many social causes where we need to work together such as the protection of marriage, the family, our youth who are into sex/drugs/violence, and preserving the lives of our precious unborn.

ABC's of Faith ABC's of Faith

THE "ABC's" are the basics of language. Faith must also have its basic elements, and those fundamental truths are found in the pages that follow. These are made for uplifting reading, and are as easy as "A...B...C!"

Be sure to check out this fun, volunteer driven site - lots of images, graphics, midis and of course awesome Faith Based Catholic Teaching!

Hands on Apologetics Hands on Apologetics
Online Catholic resources in one convenient place! These resources are recommended for their usefulness and not necessarily for the content elsewhere on their site.

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