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Early Church Fathers - VOL I - 2 audio CDs from EWTN on Early Fathers of the Church

Resource on the Early Church Fathers

The Early Church Fathers

EWTN series of 20 brief shows on Audio CD


By Marcellino D'Ambrosio, Ph.D. 


The Early Church Fathers (a.k.a. Fathers of the Church) A society characterized by loss of respect for life, violence, exotic religious cults, sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, and even pedophilia.  Sound familiar?  This was the world of the Early Church Fathers.

In these lively shows that are weekly broadcast across six continents, Catholic historian and theologian Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio brings out the colorful personalities of the early Fathers of the Church and make their rich teaching accessible, enjoyable, and relevant to the challenges we face every day.  The Early Church Fathers succeeded in bring a pagan society to Christ.  If we pay attention to what they taught, we will succeed in doing the same for our own de-Christianized society.


Album 1:

The Apostolic Fathers and Irenaeus


1. Who are the Early Church Fathers

2. Diversity & Consensus amongst the Early Church Fathers

3. Scripture & Tradition in the Early Fathers of the Church

4. Clement of Rome, 1st of the Apostolic Fathers

5. Ignatius of Antioch & Early Christian Martyrdom

6. Ignatius, Christ, & the Church

7. St. Polycarp

8.  The Letter to Diognetus   

9. St. Irenaeus of Lyon

10. St. Irenaeus: The Old & New Testaments


Album 2:

The Apologists, Ambrose & Augustine

11.  St. Clement of Alexandria

12. Origen

13. St. Hippolytus

14. Tertullian, first of the Early Latin Fathers

15  St. Athanasius

16. Ambrose of Milan

17. Augustine’s Conversion

18. Augustine’s Confession

19. Augustine the Nature of the Church

20. Augustine and the 2 Heresies


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