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LIVE! - Curtis Stephan

LIVE! - Curtis Stephan

Curtis Stephan - - LIVE!!


Recorded with a live audience at Maximedia Studios in Farmers Branch, Texas on October 4, 2008. 


The songs are a mix of familiar songs from previous CDs: ie. I Will Testify, No Ordinary Day, This Day, Love, Peace and Love of God; to other songwriters songs never recorded by Curtis before: ie, Trading My Sorrows, Undignified, You Never Let Go, Unchanging; to some new songs written by Curtis not yet on any previous CD: ie, Set Afire, We Live to Love, Holy is the Name of Jesus and Take Up Our Cross. An awesome mix of upbeat, rock style and contemplative acoustic fashion this is a well produced and artistically superb addition to your Curtis Stephan collection!


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 Curtis Stephan - Sacred Revolution

Curtis Stephan - Sacred Revolution CD
What could be more countercultural than following Christ? That's the kind of revolution Curtis Stephan instigates in his latest album—his first exclusive release for Featuring his signature hard-driving sound and look-you-in-the-eye lyrics, Curtis’ music attests to the power of an authentic life of faith to change the world. It’s one revolution we should all join, without hesitation.


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Curtis Stephan - From the Rooftop.
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Curtis Stephan - Born to Us - Christmas CD
Celebrate Christmas with Curtis Stephan - 14 Holiday Songs!
"Born to us" Christmas music CD by Curtis Stephan, contemporary Christian Music. Curtis Stephan is a consumate composer, vocalist, and performer who prays his songs so that they raise your mind and heart when you listen. Curtis Stephan led the worship music at the first every Global Living Rosary, May 2005 at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, TX. He is the music minister for Catholic Teens at St. Ann's Catholic Church in Coppell, TX.

Retail Price - $15.00


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