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Moral Decision Making, Chastity and Purity

Agenda Super Sunday II: Mary Immaculate Confirmation

Moral Decision Making, Chastity and Purity

January 16, 2005



1:00pm           Gather

                        Teens gather with their learning guide

1:05                Opening Prayer/ Welcoming

1:10                Opening Activity - Life Boats

This Game is designed around Moral Decision Making. The Youth are separated in groups of 7. Each group is given 7 envelopes; each envelope has a description of the person the teen is to represent.

The Teens are then told to role-play a life-situation. They have all been on a large ship, sailing to another country. The ship has been damaged and is sinking. There are not enough lifeboats for everyone. Your group all ends up in the same boat and it seem will be saved. However, you find that your boat cannot hold all seven of you. One person will have to be thrown over. You must decide who should live.

To Start go around the circle and read the “shared” information on their paper. Once everyone has shared who they are, the teens begin to defend their right to live. They must decide as a group who they are going to throw overboard. Once the group has decided whom to throw overboard, pass out the second envelope with the “Confidential Information”. Let each teen share the confidential information about their person. They must then decide if their original choice is going to stand.

1:40                Teaching: Moral Decision Making (Dr. D’Ambrosio)

(The goal of this session is to allow the teens to see the wisdom in the teachings of the Catholic Church and to show that those teachings can be used as a guide for moral decision-making. Use the Lifeboats as a point of reference. Remember this is a group of about 175 8th graders, 50 high school students and parents)

2:10                Small Group/ Snack Break

Send one group at a time to get a snack and drink – then to Sit and discuss 1st teaching (see Learning Guide Update or Folder for helpful questions)

2:40                Gather Back

2:45                Teaching: Chastity and Purity (Dr. D’Ambrosio)

(This session explains the teachings of the Church on matters of sexuality and helps to foster a clear understanding of the proper use and limits of sexual expression for teens.

3:15                Small group Discussions/ Activity

Sit and discuss 2nd teaching (see Learning Guide Update or Folder for helpful questions) then their task is to Design and Draw the “perfect new car”. Provide: Poster Board, Markers, paper, construction paper, glue, glitter, cotton balls, straws, paperclips, pencils, etc…

3:45                Present Posters

4:00                Large Group

use the analogy of owning a new car.

A brand new car – purity is like a new car, new, clean, shiny, even a smell of newness, of innocence, it’s not damaged or chipped. Taking care of your new “car” - How do you take car of your purity? Your Maintance Plan: to get the most of your car you must take good care of it, the same is true of your purity… watching your exposure to the “elements”. Frequent cleanings – regular confessions, going to church, surrounding self with good friends.

Don’t take your Lamborghini out four wheeling. If you are going to take risks you are most likely going to suffer damages – dents, dings or maybe a totaled out car. Use the Drivers and Owners Manual & Owners Manuel – Conscience. Everyone has a seed to sow. The seeds you sow in your teenage years, will be the fruit you will reap later in life.                  

Certified Vehicle Inspection/Recommended Vehicle Repairs

Oil Change – Visit Priest for Confession - Charge Battery - Prayer Adoration - Electrical System - Talk with Parents (Get Connected)

4:20                Wrap Up

                        Saint Report Due

4:30                Closing Prayer

4:35                Clean up and Send Forth


Mary Immaculate Catholic Church

Farmers Branch, TX


The time is: 1pm – 4:30pm


972-243-7104 x217


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