God and Money

There is widespread misunderstanding among devout Christians regarding the proper attitude toward money and wealth.  In general we see a very widespread separation between faith on the one hand and economic life on the the other.

For some this means that Christian principles are suspended when it comes to making and spending their money.  For others it means a great reluctance to make money in the first place, thinking it somehow unspiritual to want to earn money or make a profit in business.

Christ must become Lord of every aspect of our lives, including the economic sphere.  We are but stewards of the material wealth that God gives us.  We are entrusted with it not only to use it, but to multiply it.  If you remember the parable of the talents, God was not pleased with the fearful servant who failed to invest wisely and earn his master a return on his money (Mat 25:14-30).

In a time when pastoral workers and Christian school teachers are paid a sub-standard wage, when many elderly cannot afford medication, when many around the world starve and die for lack of medical care, when many ministries are hamstrung by lack of funds, it is the duty of many Christians to learn how to earn more so that they can give more.

Stay tuned for an audio/video series that examines these sorts of issues.

And watch for links to fund-raising and income generating opportunities to help Christians be in a better position to care for their families and serve the needs of others.

Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio

Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio, or better known as “Dr. Italy”, is the founder of Crossroads Initiative and is an acclaimed writer, speaker and evangelist.