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Inside Islam: A Guide for Catholics


by Daniel Ali & Robert Spencer

Daniel Ali, Mitch Pacwa, Inside Islam, Muslim, IraqInside Islam: A Guide for Catholics by Daniel Ali and Robert Spencer, utilizes a popular question-and-answer format so that all Catholics—both the theological novice and the well-catechized—can learn the basics of Islam. Co-authors Robert Spencer and Daniel Ali, a convert from Islam, give you a solid understanding of Islam’s unique teachings as well as issues raised by the growth of Islam including:

• the Islamic view of God and its dramatic implications
• the role of Jesus in Islamic theology
• the meaning of the words “Islam” and “Allah”
• the “Five Pillars” of Islam and the Six Articles of Islamic Faith
• where, when, how, and by whom Islam was founded
• who Muhammad was and what role he plays in Islam
• the difference between Shiite and Sunni Muslims
• the reason for the long-standing animosity between Jews and Muslims
• the origin of the Koran and how it is different from the Bible
• whether suicide attacks by terrorists can be justified by the Koran and Muslim tradition
• why many fervent Muslims hate the United States and the Western Democracies
• the difference between the Christian and Muslim views of Evangelization
• the position of women in Islamic society
• Islam’s controversial theology of jihad, or “holy war”
• Why Islamic theology can breed radical terrorist activity
• Why anti-Semitic texts in the Koran seriously strain Jewish-Islamic relations
• Why Islam’s strong beliefs are so attractive to secularized Western societies
• How the Koran and other Islamic writings directly contradict what God has revealed in the Old and New Testaments
• How Islamic theology undermines the inherent dignity of the human person and stifles authentic cultural progress
• Why woman in many Islamic countries are denied basic human rights
• Why Islam will soon become the world’s largest religious group

Inside Islam is an essential resource for anyone who is concerned about questions of faith, or someone who wants to know more about this historic faith from the Middle East. After reading this book, you will have a broader understanding of the issues discussed everyday in the news and, more importantly, you will become a more effective witness to the truth and love of God revealed in his Incarnate Son, Jesus Christ.

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