My Life on the Rock


The Story of a Rebel who Returns to the Catholic Faith
by Jeff Cavins


My Life on the Rock is the dramatic, emotional and humorous conversion story of Jeff Cavins, one of the brightest new teachers and converts to come into the Catholic Church in recent years. Jeff’s autobiography is one of “rebellion” and homecoming. This prodigal son rebelled against his father and his Catholic faith, serving as a Protestant pastor for many years. Then, after a series of providential events, Cavins returned home and became one of the Catholic Church’s most well-known and effective Bible-teachers and TV personalities, having served as host EWTN’s youth show “Life on the Rock” for many years.


“Do you have a family member or frined who has left the Catholic Church in search of greener pastures? My life on the Rock is such a story, the story of a young man who leaves no rock unturned in his pursuit of the truth. While reading this book you may laugh, you may cry, but you certainly will face the issues that also face those who have left or are contemplating leaving the Catholic Church. This is a must read for those with a hungry heart.” Archbishop Harry J. Flynn, Minneapolis/ St. Paul, MN

“Jeff’s conversion story is an inspiration for any Christian who longs to be faithful to God’s Word. Read h ow Jeff re-discovered the Catholic Church as the only context in which the Bible truly comes to life . . . You’ll be glad you did!” Scott Hahn, Ph.D.

“I have been asked many times to recommend a book or tape to give to a loved one who has left the Catholic Church. My Life on the Rock is definitely on my recommendation list. What makes Jeff’s story so appealing is that it deals with both the theological and emotional issues related to returning to the Catholic Church.”
Bishop Paul V. Dudley, retired bishop of Sioux Falls, SD

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