I sense that the moment has come to commit all the Church’s energies to a new evangelization…No believer in Christ, no institution of the Church can avoid this supreme duty: to proclaim Christ to all peoples.

— John Paul The Great, “Mission of the Redeemer”


Marcellino and Anthony are not your typical Catholic youth speakers.
Sons of well known Catholic Theologian and Speaker, Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio, the twins found themselves called upon to offer a youth branch of his ministry in 2010. Pulling on their experience putting on wildly successful rock shows in high school and years of small group discipleship, they get very hands on with ministry. They are extremely interactive and work to take teens to a place where they are ready to make the decision to change. They don’t just come in, give a talk and go home. They program your retreat with you, lead games, lead worship, spend time with the kids, and tailor each and every session to your specific context.  They look forward to hearing from you!


Marcellino D’Ambrosio started doing youth ministry in college at Ave Maria University. He is an expert water balloon filler, a veteran dodgeball player, and a slightly above average joke teller. As an event programmer, however, he runs with the best. His experience as the pioneer of some of AMU’s strongest traditions is brought to bear in his youth ministry exploits. He worked in a parish for three years as the High School Youth Director before moving to campus ministry. He now serves at Southern Methodist University as the Catholic Center’s Director of Music.


Anthony D’Ambrosio’s claim to be the better looking of the two twins is probably not true. He is, however, by far the most experienced in organizing youth storage spaces and making pancakes for fundraisers. He first got a taste of youth ministry as a Totus Tuus teacher in Wichita, Kansas. He currently works at St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Frisco, Texas. Since his involvement there began in 2010, The youth group has grown by 400%. This is probably just a coincidence, but some parishioners say that it’s because he’s a “hip young guy,” and “that’s important.”

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