Catholic Youth Speakers – The Crossroads Pursuit

Catholic Youth Speakers – The Crossroads Pursuit

Crossroads Initiative Welcomes Catholic Youth Speakers:

A Different Kind of Catholic Youth Speaker
Crossroads Initiative is happy to welcome the sons of Dr. Marcellino to the Crossroads team. Crossroads Initiative originally began with the Crossroads band (Dr. D’Ambrosio was the bass player and backup vocalist) which traveled around the US putting on retreats for youth. They played music at these retreats interwove engaging witnesses and talks into their musical performances. Now, Dr. Marcellino’s sons are reviving this ministry as the Crossroads Pursuit. With their background and ministry experience, the twin brothers Marcellino and Anthony approach the youth in a language that can be understood by any American teenager. With humor and lighthearted antics woven through out, they bring their listeners along with them on the story of their conversion from a party lifestyle to a living, life changing, relationship with God. Marcellino and Anthony’s unique talks incorporate music, comedy, and remarkable witnesses and give teens the inspiration that they need to be counter cultural. Marcellino and Anthony know intimately the particular challenges confronting the youth today and are unafraid to challenge cliques, social structure, and the idolization of appearance. They promote sexual abstinence, the value of family, true masculinity and femininity, and above all a radical love in the person of Jesus Christ. Pursue him at the Crossroads.

High Contact Christian Discipleship
Marcellino and Anthony are “High Contact” Catholic Youth Speakers. Not only do help create programs for retreats and youth nights, lead worship, and speak, they’ll spend time with the youth in between talks. They will play capture the flag, sit together with the teens at meals, participate in games, learn their names, and establish relationships with them. They seek to build relationships with young adults and establish them as missionaries together. Marcellino and Anthony have spent more than six years evangelizing youth in camps, high schools, and in churches across the US. They understand that the lives they lead off stage are equally as important as what they preach to teens. Marcellino states, “the conversations that changed my entire life took place after a game of Frisbee, in the pool, and at the dinner table, so I expect the same to be true in our ministry”.

Christ Centered
Teens see through the bubblegum, feel good, North American Christianity, and that is what they dismiss. That’s the reason the twins believe in dealing with the toughest issues. Sexuality, disbelief, moral relativism, hook up culture, cliques, social justice, and bullying, are all out on the table. (note: Marcellino and Anthony don’t address all these in one event, but they do have individual talks that deal with each topic. Communicate with them, and they can assist you decide which talk is befitting your event.)
The twins are likewise happy to write something unique based on the specific needs of your teens.
The Lord calls his followers to grant witness to him even if it is uncomfortable, so Christian youth speakers will need to address the challenges youth are actually wrestling with. Marcellino and Anthony like to awaken in the young ones their hearts’ deepest goals for God and for his Word. If you want to see real change in your youth, if you want your event to change lives and engage your youth with the truth of Christ, call today to book the Crossroads Pursuit.

To book today – call 1-800-803-0118

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