Vatican II: The Real Story 2 CD Set

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By: Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio

Disk 1 – The Caretaker Pope Rocks the Boat
Disk 2 – Ecumenism, Evangelization and the Role of the Laity

Some in the Catholic Church love Vatican II because they think it finally brought the Catholic Church out of the dark ages. Some suspect the Second Vatican Council because they fear it sold out faithfulness to the truth in favor of current opinion.
But what was the Second Vatican Council really after? What did the 16 documents of the Council really teach?

Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio, a specialist in one of the principal theological currents of the council, is especially qualified to cut through the confusion and give us the straight scoop.

Entertaining. Fascinating. Energizing. When you’re done with these CDs, you’ll have a clearer picture not only of Vatican II but of where the Catholic Church has come from and where it is going in the first years of the new millennium.

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1 review for Vatican II: The Real Story 2 CD Set

  1. Miles

    I recently met Dr. D’Ambrosio at a parish mission service and inquired about his thoughts on Vatican II. He led me to his “Vatican II: The Real Story 2 CD Set.” I enjoyed especially CD #1 concerning the historical background, Pope John XXIII and other principle people of the Council. His CD answered many of the questions I had. It give me insights to why the Council was called and the intended goals. I recommend this CD set for anyone wanting a basic historical introduction to Vatican II and some of the important goals.

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