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render to caesar taxes government state 29th Sunday Ordinary A
Render Unto Caesar – Taxes & the Role of the State

When the Pharisees and the Herodians brought up the issue of paying taxes to the Emperor, Jesus uttered the famous line "render to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's.  So what does this say about the role of government in our...

halloween druids pagan devil christian all saints souls October 31 November 1 & 2
True Origins of Halloween – Pagan Druid or Christian?

Can a Christian celebrate Halloween? In this article, Church historian Fr. Augustine Thompson sifts through the evidence to see if it supports the common belief that All Hallows Eve and its various customs had their origin in a pagan feast dating back to the Druids...

wedding feast parable 28th sunday ordinary A invited guests refuse invitation sloth king son banquete de bodas fiesta rey pereza festa matrimonio parabola invitato rifiuta 28 domenica ordinario invito accidia re figlio banchetto
The King’s Wedding Feast – Invitation Declined

Why would people decline a royal invitation to a wedding feast fit for a king?  This parable of Jesus describes a situation we see around us everyday - pervasive apathy in the face of the offer of salvation and eternal life in the Kingdom of...

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