John Vianney, St.

The life of St. John Vianney began in 1786 in Lyons, France. His road to the priesthood was not an easy one–the required studies presented him with many challenges. When he was finally ordained, he was assigned to a rural parish in the town of Ars of the diocese of Belley. His care for his parishioners was extraordinary–his mortification, prayer and good works became the talk not only the town, but of the entire region. Penitents flocked to him in droves and he spent many long hours in the confessional. Often he exhibited knowledge of penitent’s lives and sins that could only have been given him from on high. He died in 1859 and is well known as the patron saint of diocesan priests. St. John Vianney’s feast day in the Roman calendar is August 4. Biography by Dr. Italy