Chance to Make a Difference – Letter from Dr. Italy

Chance to Make a Difference – Letter from Dr. Italy

November 13, 2020

Dear friends,

The pandemic has changed life for all of us! We have been praying for you and your families during this wild and crazy time.

During these many months of disruption, we’ve been working harder than ever at the core ministry of the Crossroads Initiative – to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and the fullness of the Catholic tradition to the world through all forms of media.

Since the initial lockdown in March, we have actually expanded our work to rally the troops. We’ve done this through our website, which receives thousands of visits per day, special Facebook Live, ZOOM and YouTube talks and rosary sessions, through weekly radio and TV.

This ministry is more important to people now than ever, given the restrictions placed on church gatherings plus the discouraging times we are in.

>Here’s a rundown of just one day’s work (Friday, Nov 13):

Morning – live interview with Teresa Tomeo on national Catholic radio regarding the recent USCCB statement on the presidential election.

Afternoon – planning session with Dr. Edward Sri and Jeff Cavins for a virtual Bible conference to be filmed in December at the museum of the Bible in Washington DC

Evening – a keynote video talk to kick off our international Catholic Creatives virtual conference for millennials which will continue all day Saturday.

The challenge for us has been that these important services are provided for free. We subsidize them largely through live speaking events and pilgrimages, which were all canceled for 2020. The pandemic destroyed 70% of our ministry income for 2020 and will keep us virtually grounded for the first quarter of 2021.

We’ve had to lay off staff, including the executive director of our outreach to millennials, Catholic Creatives. Those who remain on staff are working at reduced wages – others are working strictly as volunteers. The task now is to keep the lights on and the website up until live events and pilgrimages abroad can resume.

For all who have helped this ministry support in the past, we are deeply grateful. Will you please help us again now in this hour of extraordinary need?

The thing we need most is pledged, recurring support to help us to pay monthly bills. We are looking for 100 more people to pledge a dollar a day for the gospel, or $30/month ($120/quarter or $360 per year).

For those who can’t afford this, we are looking for 500 people to pledge $10/month or $120 per year. I hope you can find at least $10 per month to help feed people with the Word of God.

Many would prefer to make a one-time gift. Of course, we would appreciate that greatly!

As a token of our gratitude, we will send all who pledge at least $10/week or make a $120 one-time contribution an autographed copy of my new, ground-breaking book on Christ – Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Reading it will bring you closer to the only one who can heal and renew our families, our church, and our country at this critical moment.

Faithfully yours in Christ,

Marcellino D’Ambrosio (“Dr. Italy”)

Director of the Crossroads Initiative

P.S. Click here to make a monthly or onetime contribution online. If you’d prefer, you can call 1.800.803.0118 and make a contribution over the phone, or mail a check to

Crossroads Productions

320 Decker Dr, Suite 100

Irving, TX 75062.

Crossroads Productions is a 501 c 3 public charity and contributions are tax-deductible

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