Historical Perspective on the Current Corruption Crisis – Podcast

Anna Mitchell of the Sonrise Morning Show interviews Dr. Italy on the current clerical sex-abuse, cover-up crisis with corruption reaching to the highest levels of authority.  Is this scandal something historic & unprecedented?

The current clerical sexual abuse and cover-up scandal has understandable shocked, sickened, and shaken many Catholics and non-Catholics alike.  For many, this scandal calls into question the legitimacy of a Church itself.  Some have even suggested that this degree of corruption is unprecedented and threatens the very existence of the Church.

Much has been written and said about the crisis.  But often a wider historical perspective is lacking, and that helps lead to desperation.  Here Dr. Italy wants to provide that perspective in a common-sense way that restores our focus and our hope.

My son Anthony, a Catholic millennial, has written a powerful reflection on coming to terms with the horror and scandal of corruption in the Church.  For tips on how to move from disillusionment to hope read Dancing in Gethsemane: A Letter About Hope

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