How Mary and the Rosary Can Change Your Life: CD Set


by: Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio

Talk 1:  The Virgin Mary: Model of Faith

Some Christians seem to neglect the Blessed Virgin Mary; others seem overly preoccupied with her.  What is the true role of Mary in God’s plan, her intended role in our lives now, and the proper form of devotion to her?  In this talk, Dr. D’Ambrosio provides enlightening and inspiring answers to these questions from Scripture, common sense and the teaching of the Church.


Talk 2: A Fresh Look at The Rosary


There is something here for everyone– those who have problems with the rosary, and those who’ve read every book on the subject.  Drawing from scripture, history, Church teaching and personal experience, Dr. D’Ambrosio shares insights on the rosary in this talk that will forever change the way you look at and experience this traditional devotion.

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