Readings this Week

  • mary model of faith marian devotion 4th fourth Sunday of Advent solemnity of the immaculate conception full of grace maria modello di fede devozione mariana

    Immaculate Conception & Mary as a Model of Faith

    The Gospel of Luke presents Mary, mother of Jesus, as the model of faith, showing us what faith must include to be authentic and effective. And imitating Mary's virtue is key to an authentic Marian devotion....

  • hope season training desire goals confidence virtue theological 2nd sunday Advent C

    Advent as the Season of Hope

    Advent is a season of joy & hope. Paul says to rejoice in hope. But what is hope, anyway? How does this theological virtue differ from faith and what does it have to do with rejoicing?...

  • st. nicholas santa claus facebook

    Santa Claus – How Do We Deal with Him?

    Christmas, at least in the USA, is hard to imagine without Jolly ole Saint Nicholas, aka “Santa Claus.”  Since some focus on him to the neglect of the Christ child, some propose that he be banished from an authentically Christian celebration of Christ’s birth.  We......