Readings this Week

Readings this Week

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    Mount of Olives, Bethany & Lazarus – Podcast

    6 min podcast by Dr. Italy discussing Bethany as a rest stop between Jericho and Jerusalem.  Describes the journey Jesus would have taken, his familiarity with a particular family of Bethany, and the help this provides in understanding the story of the raising of Lazarus.......

  • John 11 raising lazarus jesus resuscitation resurrection death life bethany 5th fifth sunday lent C quinta domenica di quaresima giovanni 11 rianimazione di Lazzaro resurrezione morte vita Gesù Resurrección de Lázaro, muerte vida Juan 11 cuaresma facebook

    Raising of Lazarus – Death & Resurrection

    The gospel story of the raising of Lazarus found in John 11 shows us why Jesus can love some friends and disciples more than others, why death is not natural and beautiful, the difference between resurrection and resuscitation, and the deeper meaning of Jesus' miracles or "signs" as they are called in the fourth gospel....

  • airport terminal coronavirus pilgrimage travel COVID-19

    Coronavirus – COVID-19 and Pilgrimage Travel

    A collection of useful information on Coronavirus COVID-19.  How can we protect ourselves, those we love, and the most vulnerable?  What is the status of the upcoming pilgrimages sponsored by the Crossroads Initiative?  From Dr. Italy, a veteran international traveler and pilgrimage tour leader.  We......

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    A New Look at the 40 Days of Lent – video

    Dr. Italy shares highlights of his book - 40 Days, 40 Ways - A new Look at Lent.  This is an abbreviated version, for global Catholic television, of a talk he frequently gives during Lenten Missions in the Lenten Season....