Readings this Week

Readings this Week

  • Naaman Namaan the Syrian Leprosy ten 10 lepers healing thanksgiving justice facebook

    Thanksgiving – Naaman & the 10 Lepers

    The Bible stories of Namaan the Syrian and Jesus' healing of the 10 lepers shows us that gratidue is an obligation of justice. To remember the source of our blessings and to give thanks is exactly why some countries, like the USA and Canada, dedicate a national Thanksgiving holiday. And why Catholics have a "Sunday obligation" to attend the Eucharist....

  • Thanksgiving Day Reading Table Blessing grace before meal

    Thanksgiving Day Reading and Table Blessing

    Prayer & table blessing for Thanksgiving Day. In the United States, Thanksgiving Day is a holiday with special religious significance. Originally it was celebrated by the Pilgrims and the Native Americans to give thanks to God after the harvest of 1621. In 1863 President Abraham Lincoln declared the last Thursday of November should be a national day of thanksgiving....

  • abraham lincoln thanksgiving proclamation 1863 American USA holiday God thanks

    Thanksgiving Proclamation – Abraham Lincoln

    The text of Abraham Lincoln's Thanksgiving Day Proclamation which established an annual observance not of "Turkey Day," but of Thanksgiving to God for his blessings upon our land....

  • matza with four wine A Chabadnik freeimages

    Passover, Thanksgiving and the Eucharist

    Before thanksgiving was an American holiday, it was a way of life for Jews and Christians alike, indeed a hallmark of the Judeo-Christian tradition. All ancient peoples gave thanks for creation; only Jews and Christians believe that God acted decisively in history to secure our liberation from slavery. Eucharist simply means thanksgiving -- and it is the supreme act of worship and thanks for the ultimate liberation....