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  • wedding feast parable 28th sunday ordinary A invited guests refuse invitation sloth king son banquete de bodas fiesta rey pereza festa matrimonio parabola invitato rifiuta 28 domenica ordinario invito accidia re figlio banchetto

    The King’s Wedding Feast – Invitation Declined

    Why would people decline a royal invitation to a wedding feast fit for a king?  This parable of Jesus describes a situation we see around us everyday - pervasive apathy in the face of the offer of salvation and eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven.  The cause?  A sneaky but deadly sin called sloth....

  • pope john XXIII canonized saint angelo Roncalli humility second vatican II council regina coeli prison humility holy spirit

    Pope John XXIII – Saint in the Age of Television

    It is fitting that Pope John XXIII be canonized a saint by Pope Francis -- they share a focus on humility, prayer, the surprises of the Holy Spirit and breaking papal protocol to draw near to the simple people, Catholics and non-Catholics, believers and non-believers....

  • hadrian's wall parable of the vineyard and the wicked tenants grapes fruit muro uvas labradores Viña

    Sour Grapes & Tumbling Walls – Parable of the Vineyard

    The parable of the vineyard and the wicked tenants or husbandmen is a warning to peoples and nations that no wall will protect a society that is abundantly blessed yet continues to bear bad fruit and sour grapes, refusing to give God his due. Security and the peace that passes understanding are the rewards only of those who return thanks in response to God's blessings....