Readings this Week

  • trinity sunday doctrine dogma triune one God three persons dignity trinita domenica dottrina dogma trino uno Dio tre persone dignita

    Trinity Sunday – Is it Relevant?

    Trinity Sunday celebrates the Church's faith in the triune God, one God in three persons. This doctrine has baffled people for 2,000 years. Given that it is so hard to accept, why bother with it? What difference does the trinitarian dogma really make to how we live our Christian lives?...

  • souncil of jerusalem holy spirit church magisterium authority 6th Sunday Easter Consiglio di Gerusalemme spirito santo Chiesa Magistero Autorità Sesta Domenica Pasqua

    Holy Spirit and the Catholic Church

    For the proper interpretation of Scripture and to discern God's will, where do we turn for guidance, the teaching authority of the Church, or to the Holy Spirit? The Council of Jerusalem in Acts 15 gives us some answers....

  • christ pantocrator circle jesus book small

    Divinity of Jesus Christ Invented by Constantine? Evidence from the Early Church

    Was the divinity of Jesus Christ and the dogma of the Trinity invented by the Roman Emperor Constantine? Here is extensive evidence from the Early Church Fathers before AD 312 for the belief that Jesus was divine,...