Readings this Week

Readings this Week

  • Florence, Michelangelo & Catholic Culture – Podcast

    Podcast by Dr. Italy on Florence, the Renaissance city, and what the art of Michelangelo teaches us about Catholic Culture and life.  With images of sites and churches of Florence that he will visit on his upcoming Italy pilgrimage. Everyone visits Florence for its rich......

  • calm after storm sea lake Galilee wind waves obey Jesus calming Socratic method Mark 12th Sunday Ordinary B

    The Calming of the Storm and the Socratic Method

    One of the most famous bible stories of all time is Jesus calming the storm on the Sea of Galilee.  Mark, the evangelist, uses the story to ask the reader a question that elicits a clear answer on the identity of Christ.  This approach is......

  • father why call God father's day fatherhood intimacy affection love suffering shelter sexist padre Dio Festa del Papà paternità intimità affezione amore sofferenza protegge facebook

    God – The Father

    The Fatherhood of God has come under fire with the rise of feminism. If we know that God is pure spirit who transcends male and female, masculine and feminine, why preserve what some believe to be the antiquated, patriarchal practice of referring to the divinity as "Father"? This article uses the occasion of the American observance of Father's Day to address this issue....