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    Mary Magdalene & the Women Disciples of Jesus – Podcast

    In this 14 minute podcast, Dr. Italy discusses with Anna Mitchell the various misconceptions people have about Mary Magdalene, and corrects them based on the gospels.  He also looks at the woman of Magdala in the wider context of Jesus’ remarkable ministry to women, and......

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    Mary Magdalene – Gregory the Great

    Mary Magdalene has been universally honored as a saint from the earliest days, as shown by this excerpt from Gregory the Great on Mary's encounter with Christ at the tomb. The feast of this "apostle to the apostles" is July 22....

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    Mary, Martha and the Catholic Fullness

    Luke's story of Mary and Martha of Bethany, sisters of Lazarus, teaches us about hospitality, service, action and contemplation, and distraction in pursuit of the Catholic Fullness....