Readings this Week

  • holy thursday eucharist as body of christ transubstantiation transformation eat flesh drink blood John 6 jueves santo transustanciación cuerpo y sangre de cristo Transubstanciación Eucaristía corpus christi

    Holy Thursday & Corpus Christi – Eucharist, The Body of Christ

    Holy or Maunday Thursday, the night of the Last Supper aka the Lord's Supper, the institution of the Holy Eucharist -- What did he mean when he said "This is my body and this is my blood" and "Do this in Memory of Me"? And what does the Catholic mean by talking about transubstantiation and the body of Christ?...

  • Athanasius God as holy trinity three 3 persons one 1 nature sunday creative energizing reality unity father son spirit

    Trinity: Three Persons, One Creative, Energizing Reality

    Athanasius here describes the orthodox and Catholic teaching on God as Trinity, three persons in one divine nature, a wholly creative and energizing reality. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are an inseparable unity, always acting together....

  • trinity sunday doctrine dogma triune one God three persons dignity trinita domenica dottrina dogma trino uno Dio tre persone dignita

    Trinity Sunday – Is it Relevant?

    Trinity Sunday celebrates the Church's faith in the triune God, one God in three persons. This doctrine has baffled people for 2,000 years. Given that it is so hard to accept, why bother with it? What difference does the trinitarian dogma really make to how we live our Christian lives?...