Readings this Week

  • feast St. saint Luke Evangelist October 18 Gregory the Great pray for priests preachers harvest great laborers few

    On the Feast of St. Luke, Pray for Priests! – Gregory the Great

    Gregory the Great here discusses the Lord's exhortation to pray for preachers of the gospel who are true laborers since the harvest is great but the serious laborers are few. It is fittingly read on the St. Luke the Evangelist on October 18....

  • sons zebedee james john honor privilege ambition servant leadership greatness cup suffering 29th sunday ordinary b santiago juan hijos de zebedeo honor grandeza

    The Sons of Zebedee – Ambition vs. Servant Leadership

    Brothers John and James, the sons of Zebedee, had ambition. When they make their famous request for places of honor In Mark's gospel, Jesus takes the opportunity to give them a lesson on the nature of true greatness as loving and serving, even to the point of sharing with Christ the cup of suffering....

  • ignatius martyr attacked by animals

    Ignatius of Antioch – Martyr & Apostolic Father

    In this video, Dr. Italy discusses the importance of Ignatius, 2nd successor to Peter, Paul, and Barnabas in the city of Antioch.  The precious 7 letters that survive from him are a precious testimony to the apostolic tradition. There are few more inspiring figures in......