Readings this Week

Readings this Week

  • talk is cheap parable two sons actions deeds words word God's will 26th Sunday Ordinary A

    Talk is Cheap – Parable of the Two Sons

    The parable of the two Sons makes clear that saying yes to Jesus Christ is much more a matter of deeds and actions than words and promises. Talk is cheap but body language never lies....

  • Pio Highlights

    Padre Pio Highlights of His Life

    5 May 1887. Born in Pietrelcina, Benevento, Italy of Grazio “Orazio” Mario Forgione (1860-1946) and Maria Giuseppa de Nunzio Forgione (1859-1929). 26 May 1887. Baptized Francesco Forgione. 27 September 1899. Confirmation. 22 January 1903. Took the Habit of the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin (age......

  • anthony padua languages tongues pentecost actions June 13

    Actions Speak Louder than Words – Anthony of Padua

    Here Anthony of Padua, one of the greatest preachers of the Middle Ages. interprets the tongues of Pentecost as different "love languages" whereby we witness to Christ by words and, even more importantly, actions. For his feast on June 13th....