St. Asterius of Amasea

Asterius studied law and the art of public speaking (known as rhetoric) and began a career in law. But the Lord’s call led him to leave behind the bar for the clerical life. He was ordained priest and eventually became bishop of Amasea in Pontus, Asia Minor. With his expertise in public speaking, it is no wonder that Asterius became famous as a preacher. Twenty-one of his sermons are, in fact, still extant, and they frequently extoll the importance of charity to the poor. They also reveal that the Church in Asia Minor, during the latter part of the 4th century, was already keeping the feasts of Christmas, Epiphany, Easter, and the anniversaries of the martyrs. Saint Gregory the Great describes this good pastor as overflowing with the Holy Spirit. St. Asterius, who is regarded as one of the Greek Fathers of the Church, died around the year 400 AD. Biography by Dr. Italy