St. Bruno of Cologne

Bruno was born to a prominent family in Cologne who sent him to the Cathedral school of Reims in what is now France. After graduation, he returned to Cologne where he was ordained a priest. Soon thereafter he was invited by the Bishops of Reims and take charge of the Cathedral school where for two decades he distinguished himself as a teacher of philosophy and theology, mentoring many future prelates and abbots, including the future Pope Urban II. After becoming chancellor of the diocese of Reims, he was offered episcopal consecration, but declined. Instead, he carried out his plan to retire to the countryside to pursue a life of poverty, simplicity and contemplation. He and a few companions settled near Grenoble, in an area called Chartreuse from which comes the name for the monastic order he founded, the Carthusians. However, when his former pupil became Pope Urban II, Bruno was summoned to Rome to advise the new pope. He lived with the Pope, in the Lateran palace. Ultimately he was allowed to resume his contemplative life, but in Italy, where the Pope could more easily reach him and obtain his counsel.  And so Bruno spent his final years in the Calabria region of Southern Italy.  Though the Carthusians, out of humility, declined to have him formally canonized, he is regarded by the church as a saint and the patron of Calabria.  (Bio by Dr. Italy)