St. Theodoret of Cyr

A native of Antioch, St. Theodoret of Cyr was educated in monastery schools and ultimately entered the monastery of Nicerte around 416AD. Consecrated Bishop of Cyr (sometimes rendered Cyrrhus) contrary to his will in 423AD, he pastored his flock with great zeal while fighting paganism and heresy. As a spokesman for the Antiochene School of theology, Saint Theodoret found himself in the thick of the controversy about Christ’s humanity and divinity and how they were related in the person of Jesus. The emphasis of this Early Church Father was on the distinctness and completeness of the human and divine natures of Christ, and he opposed the Monophysites who appeared to confuse the two. St. Theodoret participated in the important council of Chalcedon where Christology received a very definitive orthodox expression. This valiant bishop and Father of the Catholic Church died around 466AD.Biography by Dr. Italy