Will St. Peters Basilica become a Mosque?

Will St. Peters Basilica become a Mosque?

Will St. Peter’s Basilica
Become a Mosque?
Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio

Preposterous! Sensationalism!

I wish.

Around the year 600 AD, north Africa was a Christian heartland, with Alexandria Egypt one of the most prominent seats of Christianity. By 711 AD, it had become a Moslem empire.

For a 1,000 years the greatest Church in Christendom was not St. Peters Basilica in Rome, but Holy Wisdom (Haggia Sophia) Basilica in Constantinople, cathedral of the Patriarch second only to the Pope in prestige. In 1453 Constantinople became Istanbul, and Haggia Sophia became a mosque.

will st peter's become a mosque inside

These transformations were the result of military conquests. But Europe will soon become a largely Muslim continent — without a fight. Watch this video and understand what is happening. The trend is indisputable. The implications for the Americas are clear. There are solutions, but a two prong strategy must be adopted immediately — every Christian must become an evangelizer, and we must fight against the contraceptive mentality that sees pregnancy as a problem and children as a burden. And, finally, learn about Islam — it is a must in the increasingly Islamic world we and our children will be living in (see the resources below).

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