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Advent & Hope – Podcast

In this 13 minute podcast, Sonrise Morning Show host Anna Mitchell Interviews Dr. Italy on Advent as a season of Hope.  What precisely is Scripture talking about when it tells us that hope is one of the most important things a Christian needs?  And what...

— Gaudete Sunday – Advent Joy & John the Baptist
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Awake & Alert – Rouse yourself with this Advent Podcast

In this 13 minute podcast, Sonrise Morning Show host Anna Mitchell Interviews Dr. Italy on the insistent command in many of the scripture readings of the season, to rouse ourselves from sleep.  What does it mean to be spiritually awake and alert? The Season of Advent...

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The Immaculate Conception & The Protestant Reformation

In this 15 minute podcast, Anna Mitchell, host of the Sonrise Morning Show, discusses with Dr. Italy, the significance of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary and why this Marian doctrine serves as a bridge rather than an obstacle to unity between Catholics...

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Advent as the Season of Hope

Advent is a season of joy & hope. Paul says to rejoice in hope. But what is hope, anyway? How does this theological virtue differ from faith and what does it have to do with rejoicing?...

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Advice to Pastors – Ambrose

Ambrose of Milan, one of the greatest pastors of all time, gives this advice to pastors regarding what it means to be a shepherd and a bishop. It is read annually on the liturgical memorial (feast) of St. Ambrose on December 7....

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Christ, the Farmer & the Garden of the Spirit

The human soul is like a house or garden . . . if left untended by the Master, it is invaded by filth and vermin.  But Christ, here depicted as a farmer, has ploughed the wild field of humanity with the wood of the Cross...

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Advent – The Reason for the Season

The Advent season is more about preparing for the second coming of Christ than for Christmas. To prepare for his final coming is more about action than end-times speculation....

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Love, the Image & Likeness of God – Columbanus

Columbanus (Columban) urges us to remember our dignity, created as we are in the image and likeness of God.  Since God is love, we must manifest love in our actions and our words, being especially careful lest we deface that image through careless use of...