Awake & Alert – Rouse yourself with this Advent Podcast

In this 13 minute podcast, Sonrise Morning Show host Anna Mitchell Interviews Dr. Italy on the insistent command in many of the scripture readings of the season, to rouse ourselves from sleep.  What does it mean to be spiritually awake and alert?

The Season of Advent provides us a rich selection of Scriptures from both New and Old Testaments.  One recurring theme of many of these readings is that it is now time to rouse ourselves from sleep and become much more spiritually awake and alert.

What are the symptoms of spiritual slumber?  If we recognize the signs of such lethargy in ourselves, how do we shake it off and restore our energy, zeal, and spiritual sensitivity?  Dr. Italy answers these questions and more in this engaging Advent Podcast.

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Topics discussed include John the Baptist and his proclamation: “Prepare the Way of the Lord . . . every mountain must be made low, every valley must be filled in.”  Also mentioned are some amazing resources made available by the Church to enrich our Advent experience which few people know about.

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Dr. Italy appears weekly on the Sonrise Morning show, a production of Sacred Heart Radio.  You can listen to this show broadcast live Monday through Friday via the EWTN Global Catholic Radio, a network of over 120 local affiliate stations in the US.  You can find podcasts from the Sonrise Morning on both Sacred Heart radio site and

For more podcasts and written resources on the Advent Season, visit the ADVENT SECTION of the Crossroads Initiative Library.

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