christmas manager nativity scene blessing
Blessing of Christmas Manger or Nativity Scene

Short services of blessing of a Christmas Manger or Nativity Scene that are actually part of the official liturgy of the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church. But they can be conducted by lay men or women in their own homes. Both full...

creator of time born genealogy human nature leo great christmas incarnation advent
Creator of Time is Born in Time – Leo the Great

Saint Leo says the genealogy of Jesus given us in Luke and Matthew's gospels shows that Jesus was truly one of us, possessing a complete human nature. He did not merely appear in human form, as in the biblical types and scriptural symbols of the...

St Joseph, Saint Joseph, Model of faith, carpenter, Jesus
St. Joseph, Model of Faith – Podcast

14 minute podcast in which Dr. Italy discusses St. Joseph as an often overlooked hero of the Advent - Christmas story.  He shows how St. Matthew's gospel presents him as a model of faith....

statue Mary emmanuel born virgin irenaeus lyon advent coming incarnation
Born for us, Emmanuel – Irenaeus

Irenaeus, ca. AD 185, here writes of the incarnation, the Word of God born for us as Emmanuel, Jesus Christ, Son of Man, the sign of our salvation.  He comes to restore God's likeness in us and lead us to glory.[dropcaps type='normal' font_size='100' color='' background_color=''...

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The Advent Mystery – Annunciation & Incarnation

The biblical term "mystery" refers to a long thread running through history, hidden under ordinary faces and events.  It comes to a climax in an Angel's annunciation to a Virgin that puts together many biblical concepts -king, messiah, emmanuel, son of God - pondered on...

christmas tree blessing book bless
Blessing a Christmas Tree

The Book of Blessings contains a short service to bless a Christmas tree which can be led by lay people in their homes. To make your Christmas tree more meaningful, use it this year and every Christmas!...