Cana, Best Wedding Venue Ever! – Podcast

7 minute Podcast describing the town of Cana in Galilee, site of the wedding feast of Cana.  A famous place of pilgrimage that celebrates marriage provides a memorable opportunity for the renewal of wedding vows.

The most famous wedding feast of all time occurred in a small town, not far from Nazareth, nestled in the Galilean hills.  A modest walk of a few miles from the village where Jesus grew up, Cana must have been the hometown of friends or relatives of Jesus and Mary, since they were invited to a wedding feast there.

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The town was leveled thirty years after the famous party during which Jesus worked his first miracle.  But it was rebulit on top of the ancient ruins.  And today, whenever people visit this modest town, they can see the ruins from the first century under the lovely Church of the First Miracle.  Among the ruins we can even see a stone water jar of the type that Jesus had the waiter fill with 20-30 gallons of water which he transformed in the choicest of wines.


Above photo by Marcella Ketelhut, used with permission.  All rights reserved.

Whenever we visit this quaint church, those married couples among us have the opportunity to renew their wedding vows which is one of the most touching and memorable moments of our entire pilgrimage.


Above photo by Crossroads Initiative pilgrim David Twellman.  Used with permission.  All rights reserved.

In this podcast, Dr. Italy describes the town, the vineyards that surround it, the church, and the famous wedding wine still produced there.  He also describes the moving experience of the renewal of wedding vows and the festive wine-tasting which follows.

For more on the significance of the famous first miracle of Jesus, read Dr. Italy’s post THE WEDDING FEAST OF CANA-SIGN OF TRANSFORMATION

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