Meaning of the Sacred Heart – Podcast

7 minute podcast by Dr. Italy focusing on the true meaning of the Sacred Heart of Jesus based on the chief scriptural text connected with this feast and devotion.

Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus can be found throughout the ages but became particularly widespread after visions and promises received by St. Margaret Mary Alacoque in the 17th century.  The tradition of Mass and communion on first Fridays each month, the enthronement of the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the family prayer of consecration — all these are wonderful traditions that many Catholics grew up with.

But to unlock the meaning and power of this devotion and Solemn Feast, observed each year in the Western Church on the 2nd Friday following Pentecost, we need to examine the scripture readings for the liturgy celebrating this feast.  One of the readings we find there is the story of the piercing of Jesus’ side with a lance and the outflow of blood and water.  This image connects with many other passages of Scripture, both Old and New Testament.

This brief conversation between Sonrise show host Anna Mitchell and Dr. Italy unpacks the significance of this image and showcases the power and beauty of the Sacred Heart devotion in a way that will truly inspire you.

For more on the SACRED HEART of Jesus, read this amazing reflection by St. Bonaventure.

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