St. Francis, St. Clare & dealing with Clerical Corruption – Podcast

In this podcast, Dr. Italy shares why St. Clare of Assisi ought not merely be a footnote to Francis’ story.   And how both saints successfully dealt with the clerical corruption of their day.

Since the days of Judas, there have always been bad apples among the clergy.  In the days of St. Francis and Clare, clerical corruption was particularly bad since being a bishop or Cardinal meant ownership of lands and considerable streams of income, not to mention the prestige of belonging to the nobility.  Some bishops were obviously in the ministry for the wrong reason.

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Clare, on the other hand, lived up to her name, which means “clear,” pure and light.  She and her mentor, St. Francis, encountered plenty of unworthy clergy in their day.  Their way of dealing with this problem is instructive for us today.

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  • Peggy Lockhart
    Posted at 12:21h, 12 August

    I almost left the Catholic Church over this issue but decided to stay and pray the evil will be exposed and the holy church will prevail. I suggest you read a book by another historian and professor, Dr. Taylor Marshall, Infiltration. You’ll see how deep the corruption is, lead by our Jesuit Pope, Pope Francis. It’s a battle of good v.s. evil both in this world and the Catholic Church. Good priests are being sidelined by their bishops for speaking TRUTH while some of the hierarchy and bishops are living in the homosexual culture. What hypocrisy!
    The Pope represents the face of the New World Order (the communistic Great Reset) while I pray for the Great Awakening, exposing all evil.

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