St. Joseph, Model of Faith – Podcast

14 minute podcast in which Dr. Italy discusses St. Joseph as an often overlooked hero of the Advent – Christmas story.  He shows how St. Matthew’s gospel presents him as a model of faith.

In the Advent and Christmas season, all eyes turn to the Holy Family.  Jesus is the primary, focus, of course, with Mary getting secondary attention.  Often, Joseph remains for us a background figure in the Nativity scene, getting less attention than even the Magi.

St. Joseph, Model of Faith

Yet St. Matthew’s gospel takes great pains to show that, though Joseph remains silent in the story, his actions make a tremendous statement.  He, like his fore-father Abraham, is a quintessential model of faith.  Based on what seems to be angelic communication in a series of dreams, he overcomes his inward questionings about Mary’s pregnancy, accepts her as his wife, accepts her son as his very own child.  This decision means suffering and trial for him – walking over 100 miles to Bethlehem and then another 250 miles to Egypt, and then 300 more back again to Nazareth.

Walking by Faith

Joseph’s putting one foot in front of another despite hardship and persecution shows us what faith is really about.  And this podcast gives the listener a greater appreciation of this faith, as well as for the land traversed by Joseph in his quest to be faithful to God.  This podcast is a special sneak peak of the new series from Ascension Press, Jesus: The Way the Truth and the Life, a 10 episode Bible Study filmed in the Holy Land featuring Dr. Italy (Marcellino D’Ambrosio), Jeff Cavins and Dr. Edward Sri.  Video 2 in the series (Chapters 2 and 3 of the book) highlight the often overlooked role of St. Joseph as model of faith and mentor of Jesus in work, prayer, and everyday life as a man of Israel.

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