The Ascension – He who Humbles Himself will be Exalted – Podcast

6 minute podcast on the Ascension of Jesus Christ as the illustration of Jesus’ words – he who exalts himself shall be humbled and he who humbles himself shall be exalted.  Featuring Dr. Italy and Sonrise Morning show hostess Anna Mitchell.

The place of the Ascension, according to Luke (Acts 1) was the Mount of Olives, just outside the town of Bethany, overlooking the city of Jerusalem  Marcellino D’Ambrosio (“Dr. Italy’) has visited this site some 30 times over the last twenty years and describes the place in this podcast.

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One of the things brought out in Jesus: the Way, the Truth and the Life is just how often Jesus teaches a principle during his public ministry, and then illustrates it in his own actions.  When he said “whoever exalts himself will be humbled and whoever humbles himself will be exalted,” the disciples couldn’t have expected how he would prove this true in his glorious Ascension.

In this interview on National Catholic Radio, Anna Mitchell discusses how Jesus illustrates Phillipians 2:6-11 through the Ascension, his enthronement at the Father’s right hand.

Dr. Italy appears weekly on the Sonrise Morning show, a production of Sacred Heart Radio.  You can listen to this show broadcast live Monday through Friday via the EWTN Global Catholic Radio, a network of over 120 local affiliate stations in the US.  You can find podcasts from the Sonrise Morning on both Sacred Heart radio site and

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Banner/featured image Mosaic of Jesus Christ on the ceiling in a church in Cambridge. Taken by Petr Kratochvil. Copyright free.

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