The Presentation – Simeon sees the Light – Podcast

In this 15 minute podcast, Dr. Italy discusses the meaning of the ancient feast of the Presentation of the Lord Jesus in the temple by Joseph and Mary.  The righteous Israelite, Simeon, being advanced in years, rejoices to see the child he recognizes to be the one to bring the light of truth & salvation to all people.

February 2 is the 40th day after the birth of Jesus on December 25 and marks the time stipulated by the law of Moses for a mother to be purified after childbirth.  It is also the time that Joseph and Mary chose to redeem Jesus, their first-born, as demanded by the same Mosaic Law.  Though these ancient rituals are no longer part of everyday life for Gentile Christians, the prophecy made at this special event impacts all people for all time.  Dr. Italy and Anna Mitchell, the host of the Sonrise Morning Show, here discuss the fascinating and rich meaning of the ancient feast.

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