St. Fulgentius of Ruspe

St. Fulgentius of Ruspe was born in Carthage, a city in modern day Tunisia, a generation or so after the barbarian Vandals conquered North Africa from the Roman Empire. His mother taught him both Latin and Greek, and prepared him well for a political career. After a short time in government service, Fulgentius grew tired of the world and entered monastic life. After becoming bishop of Ruspe, a city near Carthage, Fulgentius tirelessly battled against the Arian heresy which denied Christ’s full divinity and which was favored by the state. For this he was twice exiled to Sardinia. On this and other matters, He found great inspiration in the writings of an earlier N. African bishop, St. Augustine of Hippo.  Fulgentius, who is regarded as one of the Fathers of the Church, died around AD 530, about 100 years after the death of his master, St. Augustine. Biography by Dr. Italy