Men’s Conferences

Conferences are special events that bring people together to provide renewed focus, direction, and energy.  With a special focus on Men’s Conferences, Dr. Italy has been called upon to speak at various kinds of Catholic and ecumenical conferences over the years, with audiences ranging from a hundred to over 20,000.  In all cases audiences have responded with enthusiasm.

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Men’s Conferences and Retreats

It is not hard to see that the burden of spiritual leadership in the family and parish often falls disproportionately upon women.  Spiritual renewal and evangelization of Catholic men is therefore a high priority if we want to see more vital Catholic parishes, stronger Catholic homes, and happier wives, mothers, and children.  Catholic men need help in discovering their call to spiritual leadership and discovering an authentically Christian masculinity as opposed to the false image of manhood prevalent in our culture.  And they need to learn how to support each other as a band of brothers in their quest to become better husbands and fathers.  Dr. Italy, as a men’s conference and retreat speaker, brings to the table a rich background in the understanding of scripture and the Catholic tradition coupled with over thirty years of experience of marriage and family life.  In fact, he often shares the stage with his adult sons who have a passion for the recovery of a truly masculine spirituality that is life-giving to men and the families they serve.



Dr. Italy’s most requested talks by men’s conference organizers are:

Fathers and Brothers

Manly Virtue

Keeping your Kids Catholic

Family as the Domestic Church

Islam: Friend or Foe?

Why Be Catholic

Who Needs Confession


For a descriptions of these talks and a full list of his talks, visit Dr. Italy’s topics page.


Men’s Conferences where Dr. Italy has spoken:

Cincinnati Catholic Men’s Conference

Diocese of Harrisburg Men’s Conference

Des Moines Men’s Conference

Great Lakes Men’s Conference

Catholic Men’s Fellowship of Baltimore

North Texas Men’s Conference EMCEE

Allentown Men’s Conference

Houma-Thibodeaux Catholie Men’s Conference

St. Patrick’s Men’s Conference, Bloomington IL

St. Boniface Men’s Retreat, Lafayette, IN

St. Mary’s Men’s Retreat, Solon IA

Man-up Philadelphia

Light the Fire Fort Wayne Men’s Conference

Diocese of Worcester, MA Men’s Conference

West Texas Men’s Conference

Diocese of Rochester Men’s Conference

Marriage and Family Conferences

Marcellino D’Ambroio is a theologian and author.  But first of all he’s a husband and father.  Drawing from the experience of his rather extraordinary family of a wife and five adult children, all of whom are serving Christ in impressive ways, Dr. Italy speaks to the challenging issues facing marriage and family in a society increasingly hostile to Christian values.  Marcellino brings the same congenial and colorful style to marriage and family conferences as all the other audiences he serves.  His special combination of depth with humor and pratical examples means that all, even teens and pre-teens, are riveted by his talks.



The most talks most requested by marriage and family conference leaders have been:

Why Be Catholic

Getting More out of the Mass

Keeping your Kids Catholic

God is not a Grumpy Old Man

For a descriptions of these talks and a full list of his talks, visit Dr. Italy’s topics page.


Marriage and Family Conferences that have Hosted Dr. Italy:

Ignited By Truth, Raleigh NC

Fullness of Truth, Houston, Arlington, Plano TX

Serra Club National Convention, Atlanta

Teams of Our Lady Marriage Conference

Love that Lasts Marriage Retreat, Cooper Clinic, Dallas

Catholic Family Life Conference, Alberta Canada

Celebrate Family Conference, Devon, UK

New Dawn Family Conference, Walsingham, UK

Celebrate Family Conference, Mierlo, Holland

Catholic Connected Conference, Champaigne, IL

Eucharistic, Bible and Marian Conferences

Eucharistic, Bible and Marian Conferences have been a feature of Catholic life for more than a century.  Dr. Italy has been a regular speaker at such events since 2003.  He brings to these events both academic background in the Catholic tradition and personal testimony to the way Scripture, Marian devotion, and the Eucharist have impacted life.  The goal of his talks is always to give the attendees practical ways to strengthen their connection with the Mother of God, the Word of God and the Body of Christ.



Dr. Italy has presented at the Folowing Eucharistic, Bible, and Marian Conferences

2nd International Eucharistic Congress in Miami

Atlanta Eucharistic Congress

Corpus Christi Eucharistic Congress

Charlotte Eucharistic Congress

St. Louis Marian Conference

Called to Lead Bible Conference, Minneapolis MN

National Bible Conference, Doylestown, PA


The Most popular topics for Marian, Eucharistic, and Bible Conferences

Mary, Model of Faith

Getting More Out of the Mass

Adoration: Why and How?

Womens' Retreats and Conferences

Women’s conferences and retreats are an opportunity to find mutual support from other sisters in Christ, but also to be renewed in the core identity of each woman as a daughter of God and bride of Christ.  Dr. Italy has been a favorite speaker at women’s conferences precisely because he is so effective in helping women deepen their intimacy with Christ.



Some of the key talks requested at Women’s retreats and Conference have been:

Personal Prayer, Pathway to Joy

Why Be Catholic

Getting More out of the Mass


For a descriptions of these talks and a full list of his talks, visit Dr. Italy’s topics page.

Women’s Conferences and Retreats that Have Hosted Dr. Italy

National Conference of the Council of Catholic Women

Council of Catholic Women Oklahoma Gathering

St. Gertude’s Women’s Conference, Cincinnati

Women of St. Francis Lenten Retreat, Frisco TX

St. Catherine of Siena Women’s Conference, Carrollton, TX


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From a colorful and varied background as a professor of theology, a father of five, business owner, and professional performer Marcellino D’Ambrosio crafts talks, blog posts, books, and videos that are always fascinating, practical, and easy to understand.  He is a TV and radio personality, New York Times best-selling author, speaker who has been leading people on a journey of discovery for over thirty years.

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