Wedding Feast of Cana, a miracle of transformation – Podcast

In this 14 minute Podcast, Dr. Italy discusses the hidden meaning of the wedding feast of Cana and tells us how the miracle of the transformation of water into wine is a sign of an even greater transformation.

Cana is a small village not far from Nazareth.  Perhaps Mary, the mother of Jesus, had relatives.  She at least certainly had friends there.  Because there was a large wedding feast there, and she was invited.

There was a Wedding at Cana

The wedding feast of Cana is a gospel episode known to just about everyone with a basic familiarity with the Bible.  All of us love the idea of jars full of water being transformed into 120 or more gallons of the choicest vintage!   But at Cana, Jesus was doing more here than protecting the hosts from embarrassment and guaranteeing a good time to all.  This podcast discusses the deeper meaning of this unique wedding feast and what it tells us about many things, including the intercessory role of Mary, his mother and ours, in the transformation not only of circumstances, but even our very lives.

Deeper Meaning

Water, especially when it is placed in stone jars used in Jewish purification ritual, has a particular meaning.  Wine, throughout the Old Testament, has a wide range of meanings.  When water is transformed into wine at a wedding feast, not just in modest amounts but in vast quantity, God is sending a message on many levels.  This podcast helps us to see more in this event than we have ever seen before.

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For more on the Wedding Feast of Cana, see this excerpt from Church Father Faustus of Rietz

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