Francis of Assisi, Saint & Legend – Podcast

A podcast in which host Sonrise Morning show host Anna Mitchell asks Dr. Italy some interesting questions about the “real” St. Francis as opposed to urban legends that have grown around him.

St. Francis of Assisi happens to be one of the most popular of all saints, honored by non-Catholics as well as Catholics, Buddhists and Hindus as well as Christians.  But are the words popularly attributed to him true?  “Preach the Gospel always; when necessary, use words?  How about that saying?  Is it his?   What can Francis’s famous encounter with the Muslim Sultan teach us about faith and how to approach the followers of Islam?  All these questions and more are discussed in this 15 minute podcast.

Dr. Italy appears weekly on the Sonrise Morning show, a production of Sacred Heart Radio.  This show is broadcast Monday through Friday over the EWTN Global Catholic Radio network which has hundeds of local affiliate stations in the US.  Podcasts from the Sonrise Morning show are available on both Sacred Heart radio site  and

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Dr. Italy appears weekly on the Sonrise Morning show, a production of Sacred Heart Radio.  You can listen to this show broadcast live Monday through Friday via the EWTN Global Catholic Radio, a network of over 120 local affiliate stations in the US.  You can find podcasts from the Sonrise Morning on both Sacred Heart radio site and

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Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio

From a colorful and varied background as a professor of theology, a father of five, business owner, and professional performer Marcellino D’Ambrosio (aka “Dr. Italy”) crafts talks, blog posts, books, and videos that are always fascinating, practical, and easy to understand.  He is a TV and radio personality, New York Times best-selling author, speaker, and pilgrimage host who has been leading people on a journey of discovery for over thirty years.  For complete bio and video, visit the Dr. Italy page.