Polycarp, Disciple of Apostles – Podcast

7 minute interview of Dr. Italy by Anna Mitchell of the Sonrise Morning Show, on St. Polycarp, one of the most fascinating of the Apostolic Fathers, those who pass on to us what they heard from the apostles of Jesus.

Dr. Italy and Anna Mitchell here discuss Polycarp, one of the most distinguished and intriguing figures in the early church.  Born before the year 70 AD, Polycarp is said to have known the apostle John, son of Zebedee.  He also received the apostolic tradition indirectly from the founder of his home church of Smyrna, a disciple of St. Paul.

Polycarp greeted St. Ignatius of Antioch and visited with him as he was led in chains to his martyrdom.  Polycarp himself was martyred at the age of 86.  The eyewitness account of his death was preserved for us and gives us great insight into the spirit of the martyrs of the early church.

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Banner/featured photograph by P. Vasiliadis. CC 3.0.

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