The Fundamentals of Theology – Podcast

In this 14 minute podcast, Anna Mitchell of the Sonrise Morning Show queries Dr. Italy about a new course he has developed for the Catholic Distance University, Fundamental Theology, Revelation & Faith, and why this topic is important not just for academics, but for every single Christian.

Just about everyone has ever lived has wondered about the existence of God, what happens after death, right and wrong, the meaning of life.  And those exposed to Judeo-Christian culture have questions about special persons and events of what many religions believe to be salvation history – Abraham, Moses, the Exodus, Jesus, the crucifixion and resurrection.

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But there are prior questions we need to examine before we can know anything about these matters – how can we know anything about a supreme being who is greater than our minds?  Is reason a help or a hindrance.  Is faith on solid ground, or it is a blind leap in the dark?  Does God actually reveal himself?  And if so, how and why?  Through what means can we know about his revelation.  If Scripture, what books are in the collection?  And Tradition – is it at odds with Scripture as some Christians think?  And who is to say how to interpret Scripture anyhow?  Is there a supreme authority that has the last word on what Scripture does or does not mean?

These are the questions of Fundamental Theology discussed in this podcast.  And Dr. Italy tells you what he and the Catholic Distance University are doing to help you learn about them for free even if you can’t sign up for a master’s level class – but can read, listen, or watch videos.

To View the first video in Dr Italy’s course on Fundamental Theology, click here.

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