Catholic Theological Tradition – Why History Matters

Dr. Italy in this video makes clear why the history of theology matters, why we should bother to expend time and effort studying the past.  The first video from his course the Catholic Theological Tradition.

Henry Ford said “history is bunk.”  Technological advancement for him and for many is what we should spend our time on.

Marcellino D’Ambrosio (aka Dr. Italy) begs to differ.  He agrees with George Santayana who said  “Those who cannon remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”  After laying out four important reasons that the study of historical theology is important, he explains what “historical consciousness” is, why it is important to acquire and how to use “the historical – critical method” in a way that leads to truth and understanding.

This is the first video of a Masters Course in the history of Catholic doctrine entitled “The Catholic Theological Tradition,” from the Catholic Distance University.

For another video from this course on the history of theology, watch THE CONVERSION OF AUGUSTINE.

This lecture is part of the course entitled Theology 503 – The Catholic Theological Tradition, which is a required course in the history of Catholic doctrine for the M.A. program of the Catholic Distance University (CDU).  For more information on the program and taking this and other courses for academic credit, visit the CDU Website.

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